Fall Fashion for Mom and Baby…

I can’t explain how excited I am that fall is almost here. What’s not to love?? cooler nights spent outside by the fire, the beautiful changing of the leaves, and the best season for fashion that there is (in my humble opinion). I’m so thankful I can start the season off searching for non-maternity clothes. woohoo!

In the last two days I’ve dedicated most of my downtime to cleaning out my closet. I was beyond ecstatic to say sayonara to my maternity wardrobe and start bringing back in my jackets, scarfs, and boots. Cleaning out the ole’ closet is also a great excuse to take stock of what’s missing. AKA- time for a shopping trip.So, here’s some style I’m feening for the season and a few things your kids would no doubt look pretty adorable in too.

1. Miniature Fashionista Slipper Loafers- AH!

I found the cheetah style on sale at Baby Gap and snatched them right up for Em. The only thing cuter than cheetah loafers is definitely miniature cheetah loafers. Love!

2. A great leather jacket- so rich and looks great with everything from a slouchy T to a fancy dress!

3. Ankle Boots- instant style.

4. Stripes for baby boys- just stripes for anyone, really.

5. Checked jackets- perfect for mixing prints.

6. Gumdrop Studs- Matt’s fav with a pony-tail πŸ™‚

7. Printed shorts for little girls- too cute with some little tights!

8. Chambray for the whole family…

9. Great fitting jeans- in basic colors like black, dark-wash, and grey…

10. Beanies, berets, and all around adorable hats for little girls..

Happy Fall shopping…

You can find these looks at Zara, Kate Spade, Gap, Top Shop, and ASOS.

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