Our Week in Snapshots


Work, work, work… On Sunday, Josh and I both had to work shifts at the shack. Uncle Matt and Aunt JoJo came to the rescue and watched all the kiddos! Thank you! After Josh picked them up, he brought them by the shack to switch out and send me home. The kids loved getting their own sno cones (with GUMMY BEARS) and running into Zina too!20130914-231552.jpg

On Monday, we celebrated Mimi’s birthday with our Juarez fam. I made this Paleo Flourless Chocolate cake. Yum! Aunt Jen showed the kids how she could “touch fire” (oh boy! haha) and Β the kids loved playing catch with everyone in the living room. Happy Birthday Mimi!20130914-231601.jpg

Tuesday we really took the day to relax at home. The kiddos have had a little cold virus again and don’t seem too thrilled with the idea of busy days. We spent the morning playing and running through the sprinklers. Jonah has also decided that he now thinks clothes are painful. “OUCH, OUCHIE, ouweeee!” He whines and then cries if I try to put a shirt on him. Thank God we’re just hanging at home.20130914-231607.jpg

In an attempt to get out of the house, we headed to Gram’s to swim after nap time but ended up leaving after Popsicles by the pool. The mosquitoes were horrible- what is with them this year!?20130914-231613.jpg

On Wednesday, I had to work all day again. No pictures were taken (what! ;)), but the kids had a fun day with Mimi.

Miss Zina came over to play on Thursday morning. Norah gave her a beautiful tattoo “sleeve” and Jonah got lots of “INA” cuddles.Β 20130914-231626.jpg

Thursday evening, the kids ate dinner on the deck and tried to catch the “raining leaves.” The wind was flooding our deck with leaves as the weather system moved through. And, Jonah still insists clothes are the worst. πŸ™‚20130914-231620.jpg

Mimi and Pops came over a little later so that Josh and I could get a much needed dinner date in. We tried a new place for us- Villa Ravenna. It was so good- authentic Italian and a quaint atmosphere. LOVED it!20130914-231635.jpg

On Friday, Norah had her 2nd day of school. WOW! She’s big stuff and loves telling me about her new friends. πŸ™‚20130914-231644.jpg

Jonah and I spent the morning shopping at the mall, trying on new gym shoes and then we even stopped by the park while we waited for Norah’s pick-up time. He only asked me about 30 times, “Zishy??” (Where is sissy?) We had SO much fun, but he LOVES his big sis.20130914-231650.jpg

Friday evening we hung at home, took a walk, and laid on the driveway looking at the stars. We sure do miss hanging with Daddy during this busy season, but we’re making the best of it.20130914-231656.jpg

On Saturday morning, Jodi felt super motivated to do something fun, so we packed up and headed to the zoo. These cousins LOVE each other; they LOVE train rides; and the LOVE the zoo!20130914-231700.jpg

After the kiddos went down for nap time, I thought I could put together a play kitchen that has been sitting in our office for several days. Yea right. After almost an hour of putting the 100+pieces together, Josh walked in for his 2hr break between shifts. I asked for help on a bolt piece and he ended up never getting up. 2hrs later he rushed out the door to work, but left the kids with a beautiful kitchen to wake up to. He’s the best!Β 20130914-231706.jpg


On Sunday, Matt and I babysat the cousins at Gram’s house. Jonah and Em are serious buddies these days. As for Tucker.. lots and lots of zzzzz’s…

Monday was Tucker’s 4 week dr. apt. He weighed in at 10.4 lbs. YAY! Growing, healthy boy! Thanks to Angie and Josh for keeping Emmy during nap time.. I made it to the mall for the first time in a while and enjoyed the little mommy/son date. πŸ™‚ Later that night we all put on our “work out gear” for yet another hike to Fresh Market. It’s always more fun to have a destination when walking- especially when it involves coffee samples and free cookies!

What’s this!? Pockets!! Emerson loves her little brother and it makes my heart so happy. She wanted to feed him a bottle and didn’t want any help from mommy or daddy. πŸ™‚

On Wednesday Matt watched the kids while I got my hair highlighted. In other BIG NEWS, I also got my first hair CUT in two years. yikes! Feeling much lighter! Now it’s time to grow it back out for the next two years. πŸ™‚ I came home to find Emmy in an outfit of daddy’s choice (jean skirt plus elmo jammy top). haha I introduced her to the chalkboard wall in her little kitchen (which will probably come back to bite me when she thinks chalk belongs on any and every other wall). I think she liked it..

Talking to mommy on the phone…hello, I love you… We took a little trip to the book store for some Thursday afternoon entertainment. I then returned home and ordered some books on Amazon for much cheaper. Poor Barnes & Noble. Thanks for the legos and Dora dolls. :/ Later we played outside in Emmy’s outfit of choice. Silly girl: sandwich in one hand, leaf in the other. Must have hat on.

Thursday night Gabby came over to take Tuck’s newborn pics. She is SO talented and I couldn’t be happier with the adorable shots she got (and I’ve only seen these 2 so far).

When Gabby asked Emmy to pose for a pic, this is what happened. hahaha..

I watched all four kiddos for a little while on Friday. Big cuz Norah was so sweet with baby Tuck. She kept warning Em and Jonah to be careful because, “he is just so little”. πŸ™‚

Later we went for a long walk at Lafortune Park. Emmy randomly wanted to hold my hand as I walked next to the stroller. This girl melts my heart daily. The weather was just perfect! It’s making me very excited for fall. It’s time for boots and scarfs in my opinion. πŸ™‚


On Saturday we decided to get out on such a beautiful day and hit the zoo…

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