Our Week in Snapshots


On Tuesday morning Emmy helped me pick out some pretty flowers for Gram and Pa’s anniversary. She’s an expert flower smeller now. In the afternoon we had one of Emmy’s favs over, “niNAY”, for a dance party. Later that night I attempted my first workout since about 14 weeks preggo. Yikes! Gotta start somewhere I guess..

On Thursday we spent most of the day at home. I’ve started working on a project for Emmy so I attempted to get some of that done in between mommy duties. Later, we took Tucker and his DIVA sister on a walk to Fresh Market.

We had Jonah-man join us for nap time on Friday afternoon while Angie picked Norah up from school. These two are SO cute together. They got so excited to greet each other after naps. I loved hearing them chatter away about their toys Β and ask each other to “PEEEASE!!” share.

Friday night we got brave and took both kids out to dinner. Huge success. Then we hit Old Navy and Barnes and Noble for some entertainment. Okay, Barnes and Noble is great! It was the perfect place for a family fun night. I got to sip on some coffee, laugh with Matt, and Emmy was in heaven with the lego table, animal puppets, miniature stage, and shelves of beautiful books for days. I’m definitely going to keep this in mind for something to do with the kids on a day where you just need to get out of the house!

We spent Saturday night with the Odom family and the kiddos. Emerson loved playing tea party with beautiful, little Ella. We’re so thankful for these sweet friends. Sidenote- It’s still crazy to me to watch Emmy play with other kids and communicate. How is she old enough to do this already?? She’s just a baby, right?? :/


Sunday we got dressed up for church and tried to take some pictures in our Sunday best. Didn’t work out as planned. πŸ™‚20130908-235559.jpgThat evening, we met Mimi at the Lifetime pool for some night swimming and playing. These kiddos sure do love their Mimi!20130908-221937.jpgMonday was Labor Day and unfortunately, for us that day is nothing special. 😦 Josh had to work all day, so I packed the kids up and met the rest of the fam at my Mom and Dad’s for playtime. Norah has been really interested in tennis, so Pa built her a t-ball type tennis set-up to practice. Pa is an “expert” at tennis… and fun!20130908-221942.jpgAfter tennis lessons, we napped, swam and took lots of pictures πŸ™‚ 20130908-221946.jpgOn Tuesday, we took “a day off” and just played at home. Norah dressed Jonah in every necklace she could find, we walked to the park, and Jonah earned his first scabbed elbow. No surprise to him, he didn’t even cry. He was running “shasht! shasht!” (fast) and trying to chase Xavi.20130908-221951.jpgWednesday was an adventure. Thanks to Gram and Mimi, I was able to help Josh drive our sno cone cart down to Guthrie, Oklahoma for the Gentleman of the Road Stopover. The 4hr round trip drive was suppossed to be soaked up as “time alone,” but ten minutes into the drive we realized we were missing ear plugs and sunglasses to protect our faces from the violent wind in a van with no air-conditioning. I think we yelled 20 sentences to each other the whole trip. On top of that, Josh got a stomach bug and we had to stop multiple times for him to throw-up. We arrived home exhausted, sweaty and partially deaf ;). Thanks to Mimi who threw the kids in the car and took them to get dinner, so I could at least shower before mom duty kicked in.20130908-221957.jpgOn Thursday, we made a trip to Sam’s with Daddy and prepped for Norah’s first day of school. A peanut butter and jelly “star” sandwich was her #1 request.20130908-222003.jpgFriday was Norah’s first day of “preschool.” She was so excited… and a little anxious. So proud of this punkin!20130908-222007.jpgAll day long I thought about my sweet girl, but Jonah and I did have a wonderful time playing together! We ventured out to Garden Ridge- where Jonah ran over the rugs, found a slide and even giggled at the feeling of a Christmas tree between his fingers.20130908-222012.jpgSince Daddy had left for Guthrie that morning, our evening was filled with “Daddy duties.” We took my car in to get a nail removed from the tire, worked at the shack for 30min to help Emily through a line, and even ran ice chests to all the shacks at bedtime. I tried to be super mom and put the kids in their PJs, popped some popcorn and put on a movie in the AMAZING minivan. πŸ™‚ Too bad Jonah tipped his whole bowl of popcorn over as we left the neighborhood. 20130908-222016.jpgAt our last stop, Norah saw this cool car parked outside the shack. She HAD to get out and see it. The sweet owner even let her sit in it! 20130908-222036.jpgSaturday morning the kids and I were exhausted from a busy Friday. But, the shack life still called. We ran errands in the morning and picked up some paint when we stopped by Lowe’s. The kids did great and even colored in the back of the sno shack so that I could help work through another line in the afternoon. Sometimes life catches me off-guard and I realize how crazy it is that the shack life is their “normal.” That evening we painted, played and even popped bubbles on the deck. It was a hoppin Saturday night! πŸ˜‰20130908-222020.jpg

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