My Life Lately.

My Life Lately…

I changed 18 diapers starting at 6 am. Yes, I decided to count.

I juggled getting myself ready while Tucker fussed and Emmy tried opening every bottle of soap, toothpaste, or make-up in the bathroom.

I ran around the house carrying two babies up and down the stairs getting our diaper bag packed up to get out of the house before nap-time.

After hoisting and buckling both babies into the car, I realized my phone was missing. And, that Emmy was playing with it earlier so it could be almost anywhere!

After running back and forth about ten times from the house to the car to check on the kids waiting in the air conditioning, I was unsuccessful at finding it.

We finally arrive at the store and it sounds a little something like this… “CRACKA, CRACKA! (cracker, cracker) Waaaaaaaa!!! Waaaaaaaaa! (that’s Tucker) YOTTER, YOTTER, YOTTER (water, water, water) UT- OH! UT OH (That’s Emmy dropping something every couple seconds) 1,2,3!!!!GO! (That’s Emmy climbing up the bench in the dressing room and trying to jump off while I have my arms half in a shirt or pants half on. and Tuck’s paci fell out so we’ll add a WAAAA! wAAAAAaaa! to this one too) You get the point. I even got a “bless your heart” from an employee.

I ate a piece of chicken, my first food of the day, at 3:00 pm (nap time). But, didn’t finish it because a crying baby required my hands.

Tucker soaked through two onesies last night. Am I incapable of doing a boy diaper???

I used nap-time to cry my eyes out because, well, this life is busy, and I’m tired. I could really use a long shower by myself or a moment to drink my coffee and zone out.Β Forgive me for the “sob story”.Β Tis the life of the mom of a newborn and toddler. Lord, help me to remember that whole “enjoy every moment” thing I was all about last week.

And then, there’s this…

It’s in these moments that I realize the hard days won’t last long and this life is actually really beautiful and full of so much love and joy. I mean, look at these two. Melts my heart!

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