Our Week in Snapshots


What a busy, hot week here in Oklahoma!

Sunday we had a typical King family day by the pool.The kids loved when Pa wrapped them up “like a sack of potatoes” and carried them around. Silly Grandpa!20130901-153129.jpg

On Monday evening we celebrated Cooper’s birthday with friends. A beautiful evening for a Pirate swimming party!

Mommy had to work all day Tuesday at the Sno Shack, so Gram came to rescue and watched all THREE big kids :). They played, napped, and played some more at our house. Gram fed, changed diapers, entertained, danced, ran around, and even tried to keep the place clean. Gram is super-woman!20130901-153152.jpg

Wednesday was Josh’s 28th birthday… but, he had to work and then had class and then had to work some more. So, in the morning we met Jodi at Target and then headed up to the Lifetime pool to cool off.

20130901-153158.jpgAfter nap-time, Norah helped me clean a stain off the rug in our bedroom. I have to say that Oxi-Clean is amazing! Little Nor LOVED being a big helper!20130901-153204.jpg

After bedtime that night, Zina came to spend the night with the kids so Josh and I could go to a late movie and “celebrate” his birthday. We saw 2 Guns- it was great!


Thursday morning Zina stayed and enjoyed some coffee and breakfast with us on the deck. The kiddos love playing with Zina and she is always so helpful! I have been trying to vacuum/mop my floors for literally 10 days, but everytime I started the kids would be needy or napping. But, Thursday Zina entertained them and I finished all the floors! Huge praise report 🙂 haha.20130901-153216.jpg

That evening, Josh got a surprise night off from work and we threw together a quick family party at our house. Love that our families enjoy celebrating together!20130901-153221.jpg

Emmy spent the night after the get-together and Friday morning the cousins were VERY excited to see each other! I decided to be brave and take all the kiddos up to Lifetime to swim. They sure do have fun together!

After a day of swimming, sun and snacks, we were all exhausted! We headed home for naps (aka pick-up time for Mommy). When the girls woke up, we cuddled on the couch and caught up on So You Think You Can Dance. Norah and I both loved Hayley :(.


When Jonah woke up the fun continued. We destroyed Norah’s bedroom, played a very inefficient game of Duck, Duck, Goose and let Emmy try on all of Norah’s shoes. As soon as Uncle Matt and Aunt Jodi walked in the door, Norah was ready to hold Baby Tucker. She told me later, “Mommy, I’m really good at holding Baby Tucker… cause I love him…”20130901-153249.jpg

Saturday morning we were all exhausted! Nonetheless, we headed to Cooper’s pool to see our friends again. Norah was super-duper emotional and we ended up heading home for an early naptime. I needed a major “Mommy” break and was so thankful Josh could come home for a couple hours. I went up to the gym to burn off my stress and felt so refreshed to come home and see these two cuddling and watching TV. Taking a break is so good for a Mommy!20130901-153256.jpg


Last weekend we went to Ryan’s pirate party, swimmed at Gram and Pa’s, and enjoyed our last days with papa off work…

On Tuesday, Gram came over in the afternoon and picked up Em for a day of fun with her cousins. It’s so nice to get a break and focus on one child for a little bit. Life with two has been BUSY! Orlando and Kim brought dinner and got to meet baby Tuck. Best grilled chicken ever. Thank you!!

On Wednesday, I got brave and decided we would try our first outing just the three of us. We were so happy the Juarez clan ended up joining the party too! Em and Tuck had dirty diapers as soon as we pulled up. Oh joy! It was lots of work but so worth it to gain some confidence with being out and about on my own with these two. If I learned anything with Em, it’s that it’s all about practice and before you know it getting “out” with a baby is a breeze. Hope it works the same with 2!

Thursday we celebrated Uncle Josh’s birthday! Em got to spend the night with her cousins too…

Friday was magical! Angie kept Emmy until we went to pick her up at 6 pm. I got to spend most of the day in bed with a coffee and this sweet cuddle bug. I got to nap, shower, and actually relax. Lovely. Then, when we picked up Em it was party time again (notice the child swinging by the ankles, and the other jumping on the mattress :))

On Saturday we headed to Gram and Pa’s for more swim time. Always a party with these kids! Em has learned how to say “Noah!!” (Norah) and was saying it the whole way there, nearly shaking with excitement. Glad they love each other this much! 🙂

Today we got some guest passes and spent the evening playing at Lifetime. It’s crazy to think just last summer Angie and I were putting the babies (Jonah and Emerson) to sleep on the lawn chairs. They have grown and changed SO much in just a year (a little throwback pic included :))!

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