His “Golden” Birthday

Today, my love turned 28… on the 28th.

Josh is an absolutely wonderful man… the MOST wonderful! He loves me and our children with the vibrant kindness, the utmost of patience and steadfast silliness :). He is the our “Super-Man!”

Happy Birthday Mr. Juarez!

28 Reasons Why We Celebrate You Today:

1. You have the world’s best hair.

2. You have a million and one ideas.

3. You love to learn.

4. You are a great boss.

5. You are the world’s best Dad.

6. You are my favorite- I like you more than a little.

7. You never stop dreaming.

8. You have your own style.

9. You’re the most handsome man I know.

10. You’re a giver.

11. You make the bed… or at least you try.

12. You work really, really hard.

13. You never give up.

14. You’re strong.20130828-204919.jpg

15. You make some pretty cute kids.20130828-204719.jpg

16. You like tie-dye, no matter how many times I’ve told you it’s out.

17. You apologize fast and never hold a grudge.

18. You like the number 18.

19. You still buy me flowers for no reason.

20. You have the happiest laugh.

21. Your hand fits perfectly around mine.20130828-205241.jpg

22. You tell Norah and I how beautiful you think we are everyday.

23. You are patient, so very patient.

24. You are open-minded.

25. You seek God, trust Him and lead our family in loving as God loves.

26. “I like to parrr–tyyyy with Daddy!” -Norah

27. You make a really good monkey sound- the kids laugh every time.

28. You are my love.20130828-204801.jpg

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