Our Week in Snapshots


On Sunday we enjoyed a visit from sweet friends, including Mr. Cody K. Poor guy was doing such good job cuddling Tucker boy until Tuck had a little accident on him. These boy diapers are a whole new world and we’ve been having some leakage issues. πŸ™‚ We will figure this out, hopefully soon! Later that night we tried our first family outing to Target. It was a little rushed but it was nice to get out and about and just wander the aisles as a fam. Oh- and the kids high-fived. Love it.

Monday morning was one of my favorites so far. We spent it on the back patio enjoying some beautiful weather. Is it really August in Oklahoma?? We played a little scrabble, ate a lot of watermelon, and of course mom took a few photos. πŸ™‚

That afternoon we had Tuck’s first dr. apt. Praise God, he is a healthy baby boy! Later that night we stopped over at Gram and Pa’s house to pick up Emerson. We took a walk to the park and had fun relaxing in the hot tub. I’m just so thankful to be feeling great and recovering so much better than last go around. Woo-hoo!

On Tuesday we did our first grocery run with both kids. Good thing we didn’t have much on the list, because we’re running a little low on cart space these days. πŸ˜‰ Looks like there’s some baby-wearing in my future!

Wednesday morning we decided to be really adventurous and take these cuties out for breakfast. They did great and I think we had a conversation with every grandparent there. πŸ™‚ After breakfast we headed to Sam’s, where I realized they have double wide carts. And Sam’s went from being one of my least favorite places to go, to pretty much the top of my list. #momoftwolife Later that day, Bethany and Reese brought over dinner and met our new little man. The girls were so happy to see each other and it just keeps hitting me over and over again how fast these kids are growing up.

After baths and pjs we had a little family cuddle time. πŸ™‚ Daddy and Em love their babies…

On Thursday we hit the splash pad to do something fun outside of the house with Miss Em. The cousins hadn’t seen each other in a few days due to some runny noses in the Juarez clan. They loved being reunited and ran to give hugs! So sweet. Later that night the Juarez fam brought dinner to the house and the kids had a blast playing together again. Norah was such a great big cuz and loved holding baby Tucker. She even sang him, “Jesus Loves the Little Chidlren”. Heart-melter!

On Friday Matt took Emmy to run errands and I enjoyed some free time with my sleeping boy. I finally put my wedding ring back on. Feels good to feel married again and kiss those preggo fingers goodbye! Gram came by with Jonah and decided to take Emmy home for the day too. These goobers were so excited to see each other and had a blast on their playdate with Gram.


Sunday morning we cleaned up our yard- pulled weeds, trimmed trees and learned all about a chainsaw :).


When the kids went down for naps, I ran over to Jodi’s house to hold sweet Tucker for just a bit. Boys sure know how to steal your heart! Coming home, I held Jonah closer and sneaked in a few more cuddles. 20130825-084002.jpg

On Monday, we did chalk. LOTS and LOTS of chalk πŸ™‚ Later that night, we headed over to Mimi and Pops’ for family dinner and even a few singing lessons. 20130825-084016.jpg

Tuesday was adventurous- I lost my phone. Ugh! Thank God for an Otterbox, a sweet neighbor, and the app “Find iPhone”. I had set my phone on Josh’s truck while playing outside with the kids early in the morning, Josh left and I didn’t think twice about it (my phone tends to disappear often ;)). My mid-afternoon I was worried that my phone hadn’t turned up and suddenly realized where I had left it. A sweet neighbor found my phone on the road while walking her dog and she picked it up. When we turned on the “Find iPhone” appΒ it took us to our neighbor’s house. #SoThankful

That evening Josh got to come home around dinner time, so we decided to walk to the new South Tulsa Zoe’s Kitchen for dinner. We’re so excited to have fun places within walking distance to our house!20130825-215529.jpg

On Wednesday morning, we were out on the deck talking with our sweet neighbor when Jonah started to scream and cry. I looked down and a wasp was flying around his head and a huge puncture marked his eyebrow. Jonah is SO tough, he cried and whimpered on and off for about an hour and his right pointer finger swelled up til he couldn’t bend it, but he kept asking to go back “outs!” (outside) to say “hi dee!!” (Hi, Mr. Dean!). Β The swelling got worse over the first hour, even though I had given him Benedryl right away. After nap time, it was a little better and by bedtime he only looked a tiny bit swollen.


Thursday morning we had finally got to have a family day with the Smith’s. We played at the splash pad and then brought dinner to their house later that night. These kiddos LOVE each other SO effortlessly! Jonah chimes “EM-my!!” whenever he hears us talk about her and Norah loved to make silly faces for Tucker. She asked him, “Do you like silly faces? I can do this… and this… and this…”20130825-084041.jpg

On Friday afternoon I had to work at the sno shack, so Gram picked up Jonah in the morning and Aunt Jen came over to take Norah to a track meet (or “tractor meet” according to Norah). Norah was SO excited about hanging with Aunt Jen that she couldn’t sleep at naptime and made Jen leave the house an hour and half before it was time to be at the track meet. My kids are SO loved!20130825-221512.jpg

After I got done with work, I met Jen, Mimi, Pops and Norah at Incredible Pizza- where the girls had already been playing. 20130825-221520.jpg

Later, Gram and Pa dropped off Jonah and the kids got to “go bowling” for the first time and Pops even won TWO giant balls for the kids. They were both shocked and in awe!20130825-221529.jpg

Saturday morning we ran over to Gram’s house to play in the sun while everyone else worked :).Β  While I packed everything up I heard the kids chattering away and peaked my head around the corner to see them coloring and playing together- heart melted!


After naptime we got to celebrate a sweet friend’s birthday. Ryan’s pirate party was adorable! The play swords and ring pops were a hit!


The GLOW RUN 5K was Saturday night!Β Running with our kids (and with my super supportive husband)Β is something I treasure so much! Norah loves to run too!


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