1 Week Old.

Doing life with a newborn the second time around, has been so much easier than the first. I’m happy to say this since last time I felt like a frazzled, anxious, overly-tired new momma. Don’t get me wrong, I was head over heels for Emmy. I just worried about everything! I think I googled every newborn question you might have. Ever! This time, I feel almost no worry. I know everything will be fine. If he cries, it’s good for his lungs. If he doesn’t feed long, we’ll try again next time. It doesn’t really matter how much sleep I’m getting now because I know there is an end to this phase in sight. Suddenly I’ll look up and he’ll be too busy to sit and cuddle. Time just goes way too fast and I’m bound and determined to love every moment I have with these babies. Besides the blessing of being a little more experienced this time around, are several other factors making week one feel pretty downright great.

I have to say, I attribute about 99% of this bliss to Matt’s help and may be the other percent, percocet. haha- ok may be God, Tucker being an awesome baby, and my easy recovery this time have a lot to do with it too. But, Emmy was born right in the middle of Matt’s busy season and he was only able to take a couple days off and was working late nights for the first two months. Therefore, he had to get sleep at night and I was pretty much on my own with late night wake up calls and calming a screaming baby. This time he took two whole weeks off to help out and just have time to figure this family of four thing out. I highly recommend this and think it’s made such a world of difference. Yesterday we spent the morning on the back patio playing scrabble, eating fresh watermelon, and watching our babies enjoy the unusually beautiful weather. At just five days old we ventured out to Target just to walk around. It didn’t last long but we did it! Emmy seems to love having a friend to ride along with and we just had to borrow a hat to try on our dapper little dude.

I’m curious to see what life will be like when it gets “real” next week. Suddenly I’ll be down to two hands rather than four. Right now I’m just thankful we’ve made it through week 1 and we live to tell the story. πŸ™‚ And, we didn’t just survive, we enjoyed it. Amazing.

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