A Mom’s Trophy Collection

There are many reasons to have children and immerse yourself in the #momlife- destiny, cycle of life, deep desire, love…. If these aren’t reason enough to bring you around to the idea of willingly shedding all selfishness, maybe the idea of being multi-talented and having a trophy collection of unique tricks will impress you.

10 Dynamic Feats of a Momma:

1. Mommas can make dinner with just one hand… and a baby on their hip.

Cut strawberries, open a feta package, arrange spinach, dice up chicken, pour dressing, and even grab a fork- all in under 2min. Easy. Knives never came with a two hand requirement, just a caution warning.

2. Mommas can exercise without thinking about the need to breathe.

Only when you have a massive stroller to push, a dog on a leash, sippy cups being thrown astrew and kiddos asking for “one mo, nack!” (one more snack), does it not even cross your mind how tired you are…

3. Mommas can get ready for the day in under 2min.

Ponytail, deodorant, mascara, bra, clothes (hope they match!), and off to fix breakfast for the munchkins…

4. Mommas can get ready for Date Night in under 30min.

Seriously, give a mom 30min without a kid climbing up their leg, asking to go potty, or trying to smash (or eat) the make-up… we could basically be ready for prom. πŸ˜‰

5. Mommas make REALLY good animal sounds.

You would have to be a mom to know…

6. Mommas can survive AND flourish on 4hrs of sleep.

Remember those newborn days?! How GREAT did 4 hours of sleep feel- it was like you had the wind at your back!

7. Mommas can make up songs on the fly.

Personally, I can’t even clap on beat. But I can make up a song about brushing your teeth, climbing the stairs, putting your shoes on… you name it, I can sing about it. Good thing two littles are my only audience πŸ™‚

8. Mommas can drive… in contradiction to the world’s theories about women drivers.

Mommas can dance, change the music station, pass out snacks, find that dropped ball that rolled away and even wipe a snotty nose all while driving.. maybe not the wisest thing to do, but it all happens without a second thought. Good thing dads aren’t this talented.. there would be far more accidents. πŸ˜‰

9. Mommas can heal all wounds.

A kiss for the knee, a hug for the tears, a prayer for strength and a hands to set them back on their feet… maybe a little Neosporin if necessary. A mommas touch works like magic.

10. Mommas can Love, Love, Love.

I think only Mommas can truly understand the depth of God’s love. A never wavering love that was rooted in your soul, is stronger than an ocean’s wave, and more capable than any force. It drives you to comfort, protect, encourage. It makes you a momma.

This LOVE is your most prized trophy.

The trophies on motherhood are not easily earned, they come at the cost of yourself. When you give being a mommy your all and focus all your talents on blessing your family, you realize you have abilities so much greater than you knew. The trophies you earn are worthy of endless awe and bring you happiness greater than a gold ribbon.

So, if you’re still trying to decide if the #momlife is worth it- it is!20130819-160722.jpg

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