Our Week in Snapshots


While eating lunch on our porch Monday, the rain began. I looked outside the screens, felt overwhelmed with life in general and decided to throw out practicality. We ran outside to run, dance and play Red Light, Green Light in the pouring rain. It was amazing. Just the boost both the kids and I needed!


That evening we got to celebrate Aunt Tori’s 18th birthday… seriously, 18!? We went to play lazer tag with Tori’s friends and Norah and I played together. She was in awe- loved the adventure AND being a big kid! After the fun, we all had dinner at Taco Bueno. As soon as Jonah got his cup of water he dumped it down his belly. Good thing he is cute shirtless! πŸ˜‰ The kids LOVED the cupcakes too, of course! 20130817-225846.jpg

Tuesday was the bless-ed day we had all been patiently (or maybe not so patiently?) waiting for- baby Tucker’s birthday. We went to the hospital early to see Jodi- Norah was very disappointed she didn’t have her bathing suit so she could swim in the fountains. At nap time, I went outside to work on the porch. When I opened the door an hour later, I heard Norah’s little feet scamper across the hall upstairs. She had sneaked into the game room instead of napping- #napfail. I decided to give up on nap time for her and we did a HIIT YouTube.com video together instead. This girl LOVES to exercise, jump… and get me drinks of water. πŸ™‚20130817-225852.jpg

As soon as Josh got home from work Tuesday, Norah and I headed up to the hospital to wait for Tucker. We didn’t have to wait long, but she and Emmy did LOVE playing chase with Mine’ in the waiting room. Norah was so sweet to her baby cousin AND so proud of herself to hold him! Jonah just wanted a “boon” (glove balloon) and a “nack!” (snack.)20130817-225857.jpg

First Norah lessons-“We have a present for you, Tucker. You have to be good…”20130817-225903.jpg

Wednesday morning we cleaned the house and then ran out to the park for a picnic and playtime before naps. Both these kiddos love slides and swings!20130817-225908.jpg

Thursday was a Cooper day! He got to play with us all day and these goobers have lots of fun. We walked to Target before lunch… and made lots of silly faces.20130817-225916.jpg

After lunch we headed to the neighborhood park. Watching these kiddos run free made me so nostalgic! Maybe it is seeing sweet Tucker, but I just feel like the reality of life passing too quickly is so real right now!20130817-225922.jpg

Everyone was hot after playing, so we hiked it home for popsicles. Cooper was very disappointed we didn’t have Orange; Jonah was disappointed he couldn’t eat all three of the popsicles. haha20130817-225929.jpg

Friday morning we ran up to the mall to make a few returns. Norah can ALWAYS find a good dancing mirror!20130817-225936.jpg

Jonah man has to copy EVERYTHING Norah does these days- oh, boy!20130818-001742.jpg

These two just love each other SO much! I love seeing the friendship really develop. Lately, they love to make up games to play together, they communicate (tell each other what to do), and always want to do fun things “mo! mo! mo!!’ (more)20130817-225941.jpg

Saturday morning I LOVED getting to spend time with the wonderful girls (and their mom’s and grandma’s) who babysit our kids and work for us at the shack. Alex, Jordan and Hannah are SO great, so beautiful and really SUCH special friends! The GutsGirls New York event was absolutely incredible. The decorations, production- everything, was amazing! Great job GutsGirls!20130817-225950.jpg


Matt’s parents came in from Chicago for the birth of baby Tucker a few days before his arrival. We spent Sunday with them and the rest of my fam at the splash pad. Emmy absolutely loves the splash pad at Jackson Park and came home with lots of battle wounds from racing around and a few sad little crashes.

On Monday I spent the whole day just soaking up my time alone with Emerson. This little girl is growing up oh so fast. After putting away a load of laundry I came out to find her trying on her moccasins while wearing her new hat. πŸ™‚ She is always my buddy while getting ready and loves going through my jewelry and make up (WAY more fun than her drawer full of toys in my bathroom). Later that night we dropped Emmy off with Gram and Pa since our induction was scheduled for the next morning. Buh-bye punkin!

Tuesday was the big day and we finally met our baby Tuck- so in love! On Wednesday we had some visitors at the hospital, including big sister. This time we tried to keep it pretty low-key for her and let her get to know baby brother. She learned to pet his head and really like his hat. I’m getting so excited to watch these two become buddies.

We came home from the hospital on Thursday morning. It was so nice to have the day to settle in. My mom brought Emmy home and we loved getting to see her “hold” her new baby brother. She is very intrigued by his little paci and hat. She is doing pretty good with this new “gentle” thing and is getting the hang of “petting” his head. πŸ™‚Β Later that night Grandpa and Grandma brought over dinner for us and got to hold their new little grandson.

On Friday Emmy loved waking up and seeing baby brother again. She got to go to the aquarium with her grandparents while Matt and I relaxed with baby boy. It’s been so nice having them around to help watch her and give us breaks. Plus, I’m sure she loved getting out of the house and getting so much attention! Gabby and Kirsten came over bearing flowers, food, and lots of love for Tucker and so did Gram. We had a little trouble sharing daddy later that night and I was apparently chopped liver. Oh adjustments! πŸ˜‰

On Saturday Emmy woke up asking, “Where’d E goooo??” and wanted to say “Hiiii Tucckeeeey!” right away. SO ADORABLE! We spent time enjoying this INCREDIBLE weather on the back patio, having a delicious steak dinner with my in-laws before they left town, and playing with Uncle HJ, Aunt Chels, Gram, and Pa. I am SO thankful for family and all the love going on right now. These kids are blessed (and so are we)!

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