Tucker’s Birth Story

With a two day marathon labor with Emmy fresh on my mind, I was feeling extremely nervous and prepared for the worst. My body was so slow to progress the first time around and everyone thought I would end up with a c-section. Thanks to my dr. I didn’t end up with one and he let me take my time. It was a very traumatic delivery though and required him to use a vacuum in the last seconds. This time around I was concerned that my body would be just as unresponsive and I’d wind up in a c-section after all. We had been praying so much for a natural delivery and just kept trusting the Lord for a good experience. What I got was so much more then I could have imagined…

We went in to be induced around 8:00 am on Tuesday morning. We spent the first two hours of checking-in and waiting on doctor’s orders creating vine videos and playing games. I had a round of cytotec at 10 am to help my body prepare for labor. After the first hour of that, I was having mild contractions (cramping) and walking around (chasing emmy up and down the halls). My parents brought Emmy up for a little visit, along with Matt’s parents, Angie and the kids. We had quite a full room including: flying glove balloons, hide and seek, and sharing french fries. Emmy fell in LOVE with the rocking chair and claimed it as her own. Anyone who tried to share it or take it got the, “NO, No, noooo! OUT”. πŸ™‚

My doctor decided to break my water around 2:30 pm. Shortly after, I started having strong contractions. Matt and I tried walking around but only made it one loop before we decided we should start the epidural process. This hour was extremely painful with excruciating contractions coming a minute apart. Matt was such an amazing partner, encouraging me to squeeze his hands off, dig my nails in, and inflict as much pain as I needed on him. πŸ™‚ I don’t think he expected the kicks to the shin he got while my epidural was being administered. haha I hadn’t experienced pain that bad with Emmy and it’s extremely difficult to hold still for a giant needle going in your back while you feel like you’re pretty much dying. sheesh. The funny thing about contractions is that once they’re over, they’re over, and you feel okay. You almost forget how painful they truly were. All I can say is that my amazement went through the roof for women that do it without an epidural. I mean, are you superhuman?? Seriously! We had quite a party waiting on this boy to arrive…

Waiting to hear newborn cries…20130816-162453.jpg

Once the epidural finally took effect, I was exhausted. My anesthesiologist deserves a badge! He was actually super nice and patient AND hit some seriously dopey nerves that had me feeling pretty good. All I could do was sleep. I could hear conversations and such but I was in my own little happy, foggy place. Before I knew it, my nurse was telling me I was completely dilated and effaced and ready to start pushing. What!? Already?? I hadn’t even had pitocin yet! Unheard of! I could barely wake up enough to push through some contractions and everyone just kept saying “good job”, “he’s coming” and things like this. I remember asking over and over again if I was doing anything. Was I really pushing?? Tucker’s head came out and my doctor hadn’t even gotten his scrubs on yet. It was truly amazing how quickly and perfectly things were happening. I even got to reach down and feel him coming out. Sounds weird, I know, but it was the most beautiful and natural thing I’ve ever experienced. One more push and he was on my chest. Our beautiful baby boy. I was crying tears of joy before he even made it out all the way. How can words possibly capture that moment. It is, without a doubt, a miracle. I felt a joy that was completely unexplainable and unforgettable. I felt all of God’s love at one moment, and it’s breathtaking. It’s perfect.20130816-123613.jpg

In the wee hours of the morning I kept drifting in and out of sleep, mind racing, reliving all that had happened. I decided to journal quickly on my phone about the thoughts and emotions I was having. Later, when Matt woke up, I tried reading it to him but all I could do was sob. I was happy to see the tears in his eyes too and know that it wasn’t just hormones bringing on all this emotion. We both just had a moment of complete and utter amazement of the Lord and how blessed we are. Blessed to have each other, blessed to be parents, and blessed by this miraculous experience.

A major part of this wonderful experience was the people who shared it with us. Our family mean so much to us. We are so grateful for all the support and love of those at the hospital and those rooting for us via text, calls, and Facebook. We can’t wait for you to meet our sweet boy. He truly is just precious.

I have to say the second time around is MUCH easier. Praise God people were right about that one! πŸ™‚

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