Our Week in Snapshots


Monday we met up with Bethany and the girls for some fun at Utica. I’m sure the employees at Pottery Barn Kids deflate a little every time we visit. We really enjoy letting the girls out of their strollers to explore, have tea parties, and in general just use their toys without buying any of them. šŸ™‚ dream customers.

Later that day we went a little white trash with a naked swim in the kiddie pool. It’s just too hot to care sometimes.. oh and we found a turtle!

Matt and I went to my last dr. apt and indulged in a little First Watch date afterwards because, hey, it could be the last time right? 20130809-161828.jpgPlus- breakfast out is my favorite.

We’ve been loving our hike to Fresh Market but I’m pretty disappointed this giant hill hasn’t sent me into labor yet. C’mon! Oh- and this girly-girl can’t get enough of smelling pretty flowers. How sweet!

The next day we went the extra mile with a swimsuit šŸ™‚ She is in love with her swing and little pool and could do either for hours.

We played with the cousins at Gram and Pa’s on Thursday and Emmy took a marathon nap. Norah pampered me with a prenatal foot massage and the babies did some “cheersing” with their fruit packs. What a life!

We spent Friday night shopping at Target and walking ORU. Apparently stairs, hills, and exercise balls don’t do the trick inducing labor for this girl. bummer. Emmy sure enjoyed “meeting Jesus in the prayer garden”, smelling pretty flowers, and running her little legs off. It was actually pretty surreal to be back at college watching my daughter explore the campus. Life moves way too fast!

Saturday morning we celebrated Reese and Kinley’s birthdays with the Pepin family. Of course Bethany had the place looking way too cute and Em loved seeing her girlfriends. I think she was a little confused on who the birthday girl was though! hmmm šŸ™‚

Newest trick…20130811-092956.jpg

This morning I couldn’t sleep past 5, blame it on a new runny nose, prego bladder, and all around 41 week discomfort. So, naturally, I came downstairs, made all the bacon in our fridge and cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom. Once the fam woke up we enjoyed the beautiful morning in the backyard with this beautiful little sweety-poo. Birdwatching, blueberries, and baby-waiting. šŸ™‚


Monday we had a swim date with Cooper and Kenzie. Sadly, the only picture I took was of the kiddos choosing which color of flower was the prettiest before our swim. 20130812-212315.jpg

Tuesday we ventured out to check out the Riverside Splash Pad. Gram was watching Emmy, so they met us to cool off! The park is really unique- real stone structures and a very aerodynamic playground. Jonah LOVED it- probably because it was slightly dangerous :). haha20130812-212046.jpg

After my Bootcamp on Wednesday we made a quick stop at another splash pad- Jackson Park. This is our favorite splash pad right now. It is close to home, offers a playground and there is LOTS of water :). Now, if they could just clean up the bathroom. Ugh!20130812-212052.jpg

Wednesday afternoon we had a girl date with Mandy before she and Dustin had to head home to Texas… we were also hoping a good foot massage would induce labor. Didn’t work- oh, man! We love ABC Nails at 91st and Yale- they always do a great job and their salon is super clean. 20130812-212058.jpg

On Thursday, Pa went fishing and brought a beautiful Rainbow Trout home to show the kids. Norah thought it was awesome, Jonah was pretty unsure about that slimy thing! šŸ™‚20130812-212430.jpg

Thursday night Daddy had a break from work and we decided that it was a great evening for Daddy to take Norah on a date to the “movie-peater.” Every time we pass the theater, Norah asks when she can go. They saw Dispicable Me 2- Norah came home chattering a way like a minion and giggling about all the snacks she got to eat with Daddy. 20130812-212104.jpg

Jonah and I spent our “date night” on a 5k run, stacking blocks, and playing in the bath.

Friday evening we went to a beautiful wedding for one of our high school friends. It was a SUPER fun night of dancing and laughing with friends. Congrats Michael and Kelly Cap!


Before we went to the wedding, we grabbed dinner at The Tavern downtown… it was AMAZING! Highly recommend it! 20130812-212116.jpg

Saturday was beautiful- in the eighties and kinda overcast- so we took the couple hours Daddy had off from work and headed to the Tulsa Zoo. It is amazing how much the kids are starting to grasp! They loved the Sea Lion exhibit, watching the chimps play, and riding the train.20130812-212121.jpg

During this season, we treasure time with Daddy more than anything! These goobers LOVE their silly, patient Dad… and so does this Mommy!20130812-212127.jpg

After another family day at the splash pad, Norah woke up from her nap asking to Gram’s house. She and Jonah waited by the window for Gram and Pa to come get Norah for a sleepover. They had a blast swimming in the dark and cuddling in bed in the morning! This little girl is LOVED!20130812-212426.jpgNOW- it is REALLY about time Little Boy Smith joined the party!! We LOVE you and we’re waiting for you, MR, SMITH!

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