Our Week in Snapshots


I’ve been trying to speed read “Baby Wise” as much as I can this week- hoping I remember how to do this whole newborn thing! My parents got home from Michigan and Emmy loved being reunited with Gram, Pa, and the doggies. Gram offered to watch Em the next day and overnight so Matt and I could get in a last minute date. You know we love our popcorn and movies will be even more a rare occasion then they are now so we had to take the opportunity!

My little copy-cat and I spent the first part of the week playing at home mostly. We took some walks to Fresh Market (new favorite activity/our attempt at trying to get me to go into labor). Em was daddy’s buddy all week and couldn’t get enough of her papa. She watched him mow the yard in wonder from every window of the house. We painted her toes with sparkles this time just for her baby brother’s upcoming birthday. πŸ™‚

Mine’ and Kirsten came over for our weekly bachelorette night and Emmy showed Miss Mine’ where baby boy was! Too cute! We have also been soaking up our family of 3 while we can before his big arrival (when will it be??)

Angie and I spent Friday at my parent’s house swimming and dancing with the kids. It was so much fun to watch these kids in the pool. These life jackets are great for them and they have a lot more freedom to float in the water. Jonah was even jumping off the side and Emmy was kicking her feet to get places. When and WHY did they get so old!? Make it stop!

Later that night the husbands joined the fun. We had swimming round 2 along with a big popcorn party. Em has been LOVING the doggies lately and cuddling them any chance she gets. So sweet!

We spent our rainy Saturday morning at Home Depot while our car was being worked on. Em and I happily accepted the free popcorn and got cozy in the patio furniture section. We spent Emmy’s nap-time watching the very last episode of LOST. Wow, it’s been a long ride so we felt quite accomplished. πŸ™‚

Today was once again spent playing in the pool at Gram’s and Pa’s house. We were so happy to see Dustin and his wife Mandy and spend the day with them. It’s been a long time! They are simply wonderful and of course we laughed lots with Dustin around!


Last Sunday, Josh and I headed out for a little overnight getaway. My mom-in-law told us about a place in Sulpher, Oklahoma called Echo Canyon. We decided it was the perfect place to relax, unwind and explore. It was perfect! The food was delicious, the bed was super comfy and the views were gorgeous!


Monday morning we indulged in a couples massage at the resort and then headed out to explore Turner Falls. If you live in Tulsa, than you should definitely schedule a day-trip here next time you need an adventure! Turner Falls is a beautiful state park with miles of hiking trails, camping, and a spring fed river/pools that everyone plays in.


I got these sweet pictures from Pops and Mimi while we were gone. The kiddos got to go to youth group swim party and then spent Monday morning helping Mimi paint. I don’t think they missed us a bit πŸ˜‰



On Tuesday, Norah got enrolled for “school” this fall. She is SO excited to spend one day a week with friends… she keeps asking if they all get to have a sleepover during school (she knows they’ll have naps/rest-time.)


Tuesday night we had date nights with the kids. Josh and Jonah headed to Lowe’s and then our warehouse while Norah and I went to get a Pedicure. It was her first one and she felt like a total princess! She tried to tell the nail lady about her “birthday in May and that Aunt JoJo and Enerson just move-ed… and Cooper was at a castle in California…” The lady just smiled and giggled and continued talking to the other lady. Norah turned to me and said, “Mommy, why does she talk funny??” The only explanation I could come up with on the spot was that the lady was like Dora- she talked a different language. haha #momlife


On Wednesday, we finger painted in the backyard, picked out a Dora lunchbox on Amazon.com, and even walked to Target just for ice cream.


We met Daddy for dinner at Genghis Grill on Thursday. These 3 have my heart!


On Friday, we spent the day at Gram’s swimming. The kiddos are getting so brave! Norah learned to swim a couple feet under water and then braved jumping off Gram’s fountain… which led to Jonah wanting to do it too! So,Β  my 18month old climbed up the fountain, leaned over and crashed 3ft down into the pool with his floatie. He popped up saying, “Mo! Mo! Mo! (more)” We didn’t get a picture of his epic jumps, but here’s this happy boy jumping off the side.20130805-165404.jpg

Saturday was rainy. We woke up and decided it was the perfect morning to break out the window markers. Norah and I had some quality girl time while the boys slept in. Love this precious girl! That evening, I tried to make Paleo Choclate Chip cookies… yuck! I’ve decided dessert is meant to be bad for you- keep it that way. πŸ™‚


Saturday evening our great friends, Dustin and Mandy Martin came into town. They are staying with us for a bit and our kiddos already love them! Mandy is amazing and just beautiful- it feels like she has been a longtime friend! Dustin was our old youth pastor and even married Josh and I in 2006. He made youth group hilarious and memorable- doing everything from outrageous video announcements to leading worship to a skipping CD. Now he has started Martin Ministries- check it out!


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