be thankful.

Sunday evening, Josh and I had the chance to take a quick overnight getaway. It was the perfect refreshing start to welcome in the next wave of work-related insanity that comes with losing many of our college staff to university.

Josh and I had many long talks and tried to soak up the peace as much as possible. As we theorized and discussed our personal survival plan for the next couple months, we came to the conclusion that the best plan of action is to remain constantly thankful. We are so blessed to have each other, our children, our business, our staff, our families… everything.

We all go through stages in life that seem busier and harder than others. Whether it is a work-related busy season, extra-curricular activities, welcoming a newborn into your family, saying good-bye to your loved one while they serve our country, or even just waking up for the “um-teenth” day to keep your home and family in order- we all go through those times that don’t seem as fair skied as the days once did. When life gets busy, look around you and soak it in.

be thankful.

Thankfulness gives the courage to face each day with strength and grace. To focus on the haves and not the have-nots. Life is so often the story we tell ourselves- the way we perceive our situation. Make a point to recognize the happy story. The story that points out the blessings that are so evident but yet often overlooked.

Today… right now, I am thankful.

I am thankful for my husband, my daughter, my son… even my dog that barks during nap time. I am thankful for this life.


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