What’s in My Hospital Bag…

Last time I packed a bag, I searched the internet repeatedly for “packing lists”. I think I ended up bringing everything but the kitchen sink and using about a 1/4 of it. I had about 20 different headband options for Emmy, five different board games, and our top ten dvd choices. To my surprise, I didn’t need my plethora of packed snack choices or my constricting skinny jeans (ya right).

Today, my mission is to get this bag packed. For some reason it feels like having it by the door means I’m one step closer to spontaneously going into labor. By the way, why does everyone think I’ll be late??- so not encouraging! 😦 Anyway, here’s a list of the things I remember being so glad I brought and would be disappointed to leave behind for round 2.

For me:

  • robe– After Emmy was born I pretty much wore nursing tanks the whole time so having a comfy robe to throw over for visitors was nice. This time I found a pretty one that I might actually feel presentable in. πŸ™‚
  • night gown– I picked up the comfiest one I could find that looks more like a black dress. I remember wearing it a lot in the beginning because pants just didn’t seem doable. It makes bathroom breaks and dr. checks much easier than changing out of some hot sweatpants.
  • “the headband”– During my last pregnancy I tried to get into that show, “Up All Night” about life with a baby. During her spontaneous delivery she has a melt down because she doesn’t have her “birthing headband” (the perfect headband to keep sweat away and look a little “put-together”). After watching this episode I was sold. I had to have the perfect birthing headband. Matt bought me one from Anthro as a “push present”. haha- sort of like diamonds but more practical. So, this time around I had to find my perfect birthing headband once again.birth photo
  • chargers– the most practical item I’d be devastated to forget. Your phone/computer can be both your entertainment, camera, and video for this momentous occasion. Must have it all charged up.
  • nursing tanks– Two of the most cringe worthy words when paired with one another in my opinion. blek. But, I’ll bring because I’m sure they’ll be necessary. I’ll probably have a burning party when I know I’m done with these things.
  • dress/flip-flops– Last time I remember being so thrown together, leaving the hospital in a night gown, mismatching pants, and a big coat. I felt awful and sweaty and rushed. This time I’m bringing a loose-fitting cotton dress and a light cardigan with a pair of old navy flip-flops.
  • lanolin cream/pads– can’t live without em’. I was super faithful about my use of the cream and thankfully never experienced any issues. Hoping this does the trick again!
  • my own pillow– It was comforting to have my own comfy pillow during my stay. BabyCenter suggests you pack one that’s colored or patterned to keep it from getting confused with the white hospital ones.
  • toiletries– of course I’ll want my own things to keep clean and refreshed with but I can probably nix the blow dryer this time. πŸ˜‰

For baby:

  • soft jammies– Emmy pretty much lived in a pair of footie jammies the whole time. Matt had figured out how to button and unbotton this outfit and didn’t want to deviate. πŸ™‚hat and onsie
  • receiving blanket– the hospital gives swaddling blankets during your stay but I’ll bring one or two for the ride home.
  • one cozy blanket– just in case. πŸ™‚
  • boppy pillow– let the nursing begin…
  • “going home outfit”– something cozy AND cute for heading home. I decided to pack a couple options because I have Rachel Zoe in the back of my head telling me I’ll be stressed if I don’t. I’m hopeless with this kind of thing. I’m probably the worst person to be preaching about packing light.

I feel so overwhelmed by the unknown even though this is my second time. Having a baby is just so unpredictable and now I have Emmy to think about too. At least I know all Matt needs to be happy is a cool tank top and some basketball shorts. πŸ™‚

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