Our Week in Snapshots

THE SMITH FAM (went a little picture crazy this week!)

My girly-girl is such a little copy-cat these days. She’s always loved pretending to put lipstick on us but on Saturday morning even Shiner got a little makeover. πŸ™‚ We’ve definitely hit the phase of toddler-hood where she’s watching everything we do!

Since moving into our new house, we’ve made Lowe’s our second home. We made several visits there once again. Good thing Emmy loves it there! Oh, and what’s better than stopping at Home Depot on your way home to pick up the one thing you forgot to buy at Lowe’s? We seriously need to learn the art of “list-making”.

Our rainy Sunday morning…

We spent Sunday afternoon painting the dining room during nap time. We were almost done when Emmy woke up. The giant double stroller that’s been hanging out in our dining for weeks now made the perfect hang-out while we finished the job. Raisin bread, blueberries, and feet up, not much of a helper though. πŸ™‚

We hit Guthrie Green later that night to let Emmy play in the fountains. We had to do lots of coaxing to get her in but she ended up loving it.

Afterwards we cleaned up and headed to Cherry Street for some dinner. I am so thankful this girl is becoming a more adventurous eater. She surprised us both by eating an insane amount of chicken, steak, and her new fav- salsa (even attempting to lick her bowl clean when we ran out of meat). She was a MESS! She kept trying to touch daddy with her dirty fingers and thought it was sooo funny when he would shrink away. We had a BIG bath time after this adventure!

Grandma Smith decided to make a quick Tulsa trip to help Aunt Chelsea with moving into their new house. We were so excited Great-grandma joined her for this one. Emmy hadn’t seen her great-grandma since Christmas and just adored her. Em loved showing off her cool dance moves and playing chase when we had everyone over for dinner at our place.

On Tuesday we hung with the grandmas some more and visited H.J. and Chelsea’s new place. Emerson loved chasing poor Riddle down and giving her lots of “love”. We need to get this girl a pet. She would never leave it alone but we figure we’ll adapt to life with a newborn before we bring a dog on the scene.

Wednesday my dr. apt. got cancelled due to the power being out from the storm 😦 So- no baby progress report. Instead, we all met for lunch at Cheddars. YUM- their spinach dip is my crack. So terribly bad for you but so delicious. Side note- I love that Emmy now travels everywhere with a book and stuffed animal at all times. Essentials.

While Emmy napped and Matt watched her monitor, I ran to the store for a kiddie pool. I knew Em would be in love! She had a blast beating the heat, splashing around in her super-cool outdoor tub. I’m not going to lie, this pregnant mama didn’t mind it much either! πŸ™‚ 20130726-093707.jpg

Later, we spent time hanging at H.J. and Chelsea’s again, then to Andy’s for some custard and “parking lot running”. πŸ™‚ We had fun having you Grandma and great-gma! Buh-bye for just a little while.

Thursday was zoo day with the cousins. We were pretty pooped from our adventure so we spent the evening in with a pizza and brownies (we are definitely indulging before this post-pregnancy diet… ut-oh) On Friday we had a super lazy day and our biggest accomplishment was probably the laundry and some matching “barbie nails”. πŸ™‚ Later that night we had the Juarez fam over and grilled out. After dinner we took a family walk to Fresh Market for some delicious desserts. The kids spent the night over here so us four could stay up til 1 am talking and playing games (wow- that is epically late for these old folks!) So fun that we can do that now with these extra bedrooms.

Our Saturday morning was spent with these cuddle bugs. They have so much fun together.

The rest of our Saturday was spent hanging Em’s new swing and splashing away in the kiddie pool again with this silly cutie. Soaking up some time just the 3 of us while it’s here!


After spending last weekend chasing fevers away,Β  Monday rolled in without warning. I was exhausted and feeling feverish myself so I was VERY thankful that Mimi came over to help with the kiddos and let me get some MUCH needed sleep. I seriously have the best mother-in-law ever!


On Tuesday, Josh and I had our “date-day.” We got breakfast and then headed to the batting cages. For never playing baseball,Β Josh was pretty impressive! Me? I didn’t even dare try the 45mph baseball- I did hit quite a few softballs though! Next on the list was trying out beds at SAMS. We have had a Tempurpedic for a few years and REALLY DISLIKE it! We wake up stiff and uncomfortable almost daily, so we’re finally at the point of giving up on it. We ended the date with a movie, because when you have little ones at home a movie isΒ real treat!


Tuesday evening we headed up to Sears with Daddy to look at new generators. The adventure quickly turned in to trying out patio furniture and making silly faces. We had to go ride the carousel too!


Tuesday night we had a crazy wind storm and Wednesday morning we woke up to see several trees down behind our fence and one in our front yard, not to mention the gazillion sucker branches littered across our yard and deck. The kids thought it was fun to help clean up for about 10 seconds. πŸ˜‰


Thursday we made up for Wednesday’s work by visiting the Tulsa Zoo. Such a fun day and a great way to mix it up!


After I got the kids down for a nap on Thursday, Josh came home to work on our tree in the front yard. It was definitely a lot of work, but we were thankful for a chainsaw, ax, and able bodies :). When Norah woke up, Daddy helped her climb a tree!


Saturday evening, we had a family movie night with Popcorn and Peppa Pig πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Our Week in Snapshots

  1. Elly Oliveira says:

    Hi Angie and Jodi! I found your blog today and just wanted to say how much fun I am having reading all about you ladies and your beautiful families. My husband and I are about to have our first baby, and I am so excited to start experiencing all the exciting adventures of mom life along with the already-wonderful wife life. Your blog is so interesting and encouraging, and I am already learning some great tips from you two. So thank you for writing, and I look forward to reading more! πŸ™‚


    • angieandjodi says:

      Hi Elly!
      We are so glad you came across our blog and find it encouraging! Thanks for leaving such an encouraging comment for us! πŸ™‚ That’s so exciting you are about to start #momlife. You can do it!! If you haven’t read “babywise” yet, it’s was super helpful for both of us, especially in the beginning. Thanks for reading!


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