Last Chance Fun

With the impending arrival of a sweet newborn, I’m also planning for being stuck at home, being pretty immobile, and probably being the worst at carting two kids around at first. So, when Angie suggested a visit to the zoo this morning, I happily agreed. While walking all over tarnation in this humidity sounded less than appealing, I know that doing fun things out and about with just my girl might be a rare occasion pretty soon here. So, here’s our zoo adventure (round 3 for Emmy)…IMG_9744

It just gets better and better the older she gets and thank goodness she’s finally over her stroller revolt and rode peacefully next to Jonah-man most of the morning. Norah and her got a pretty good show from one of the monkeys…20130725-192242.jpgSo many of the animals that were “missing” last time were back. woohoo!20130725-192315.jpgWe rode the train this time and the kids LOVED it!

The sea lions were the coolest. I think this guy was actually napping…20130725-192250.jpg

Lions! Oh my!20130725-192148.jpg

Of course we had to hit the park again! Running free is always a favorite of Em’s.20130725-192126.jpg


Last stop, with red cheeks and heavy eyelids, petting zoo. This would be where Emmy took a spill in a mud pit next to goat droppings, then decided to wipe up with her hands. Cue the near bath in the hand-washing station. What are you going to do? Time to head home…20130725-192141.jpg

The drive home from the zoo is, without fail, just a little too long for this girl to resist sleep. She went from this to this pretty quickly…20130725-192154.jpg

It was an early bedtime for this punkin tonight after our long day. I love and treasure these last days with only one child. Now, let’s hope this zoo trip doubles as a great labor inducer. πŸ˜‰

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