Jodi and I have been so very blessed to have lots of family in town to help us take care of our kids- to love them, to play with them, and to give us a “break” when it is needed the most. Nonetheless, I feel SO thankful to have the world’s best babysitters who also step in and love my kids. Alex, Hannah and Jordan have been a God-send to my kids (and to Josh and I :)).

I remember looking forward to having a babysitter as a kid- it meant devoted attention, a little spoiling, and lots of fun. It is so amazing to see this same anticipation unfold for my kids! Norah lights up when she hears that her “friends” are coming over to play and Jonah runs to give hugs when they leave. These girls are so kind and so patient with my kiddos. They have changed many poopie diapers, Hannah got thrown-up on, and they have survived more than enough episodes of Dora and Peppa Pig. 🙂

Yesterday, Josh and I had a “date day” thanks to sweet Alex.  This month… more like this season… has been a rough one for us. It has seemed busier and more stressful than summers past. Could it be because we moved, rented our house out, re-purposed a van into a food truck, got broken into 3 times at our business and installed killer security, and endured several ridiculous virus’… all while trying to keep the summer as normal as possible for our kids?? Probably.

Either way, we were in much need of some carefree, alone-time fun.

When Josh told me that Alex could babysit, I was slightly hesitant. Not because she isn’t wonderful, but because our kids were only 24hrs fever-free and we hadn’t left the house in 4 days. Sometimes leaving the cocoon is daunting after hibernation. 🙂 Nonetheless, I knew Josh and I needed the break. Feeding the flame in marriage so often gets pushed aside by more imminent needs. For us, its an ice shaver breaking or kids needing their mommy… nothing we can delegate. A healthy marriage is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children, so I often remind myself to MAKE “us” a priority too!

Our date day was wonderful. Filled with laughs, uninterrupted conversation and just the fun we needed. However, on the #momlife side of things, getting the following series of text messages from Alex when the kids finally crashed into nap-land was the “cherry-on-top” of a great day. I just had to share- my heart is happy and full!

I thought I would give you some snapshots from our day 🙂 because we all know I have to take a million pictures when I babysit these cuties.

Jonah woke up and was super cuddly this morning. (My favorite :):))

We decided Peppa Pig was a great way to start the day and a gourmet breakfast of Cheerios in a bowl minus milk.

We soon ventured to your bedroom to get our bathing suits on because we couldn’t stop talking about the splash pad!!20130724-154521.jpg

A game of chase between the two went on while I tried to find my inner mom and gather all of the belongings for the trip!

I had to document my minivan experience and i would like to state that I am now firm believer in the wonderfulness of a minivan! wow. What a lifesaver… automatic doors, DVD player (so clutch), and a video screen to see where you are backing up and senses if you are close to anything! Its a necessity for motherhood I have decided!

Let me continue my story… So we arrive at the splash pad to find out that we actually decided we don’t want to play in the water on this scolding hot day. Instead we want to swing in the sun. Haha

Norah informed me that I was making her feel like a baby in that swing so we moved to the big girl one.

Then we ventured to the rest of the playground.

Finally, we decided it was hot and wen neded something to cool us off! So for Norah was some delicious Andy’s Ice Cream… for Jonah, we couldn’t quite find a Popsicle but we decided since “poptart” sounded similar that would have to do! Oops 😉 Don’t worry, he ate less than half of it!

After all the festivities were over I had some great cuddle buddies to watch Madagascar with and now they are both asleep with full bellies!! We had lots of fun today!!

Isn’t Alex the greatest? The best part is that Norah has NEVER watched a whole movie in her life, no matter the tricks we try. For Alex, of course she will!

If you babysit, take note of your competition! 🙂 haha

If your a mom, I hope this is a reminder that great babysitters are out there and as hard as it is to walk away from your kids for a couple hours, they will LOVE the adventure and you will LOVE the break. 🙂 Invest in yourself and your relationships!

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