Any Time Now!

38 weeks, 1 day. I check my pregnancy app everyday like it’s going to give me some kind of a “status update” on when this boy is coming. But, it could be tonight and it could be three weeks away. Oh the waiting game. I’m pretty “done” being pregnant and yet I am determined to have a spontaneous labor rather than induction this time.

One of my favorite movies of all time is Father of the Bride II. George turns the wheel to which route is best for the middle of the night, all while buttoning on his wife’s shirt. Everyone is panicked, excited, and anxious, as they race down the road to the hospital. It’s a “must see” and makes me laugh every time.Β I feel like last time I was cheated out of the epic moment of “this is it!” I waited anxiously for weeks for my water to break. I tried nearly every trick in the book to kickstart labor, only to finally give in to an induction at 42 weeks.

This time I don’t even care if my water breaks at the grocery store. I just want to be surprised. So, ready or not, baby boy is welcome anytime now!

What do you think…

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