Our Week in Snapshots


We started the week with a trip to Chuck-E-Cheese with friends. It was our first experience with it and I don’t think Em was the biggest fan. Chuckey seemed to pretty much freak her out and the rides were a little much. She did love the stickers Norah won her and dancing to the music though! 20130719-220804.jpgOn Tuesday night Emmy went to stay the night with her cousins again while Matt and I went on an anniversary date. (Thank you Angie and Josh!!!) 20130719-220830.jpg

We got some dinner at Smoke and tried their fried green tomato appetizer. Best thing ever. Must try! I was feeling adventurous and went for the barbecued quail. Yummy, but felt like I was eating frogs- ick. We grabbed some gelato after dinner and headed to the Jazz Hall to chat and reminisce on our wedding night. Can’t believe 3 years have already come and gone!20130719-220839.jpgWednesday morning I headed to Aunt Angie’s to get Miss Emmy and we decided to hit her neighborhood pool for the afternoon. It was so much fun to get some sun and let the kids splash away. 20130719-220859.jpg
Emmy giving peace signs by the pool! And look at these “real babies of t-town” just lounging on their pool chairs, eating snacks, and chatting away. πŸ™‚20130719-221016.jpgEmmy found a new hobby, coloring, while at Aunt Angie’s house. She’s been begging to do it non-stop (so cute!) but now it’s kind of turned into uncap all the markers and throw them on the ground time. Good thing we’ve got “color wonder” markers and I don’t have to stress about her ruining furniture or carpet. We also discovered playing in the sprinklers this week. It’s just way too hot these days not to. 20130719-221027.jpgWe spent Thursday by the pool again, this time with Miss Mine’ and friends. Love these water babes!20130719-221038.jpgLater that day I had a dr. apt. and got some good news that I’m doing some dilating/effacing already. woohoo!! Good news since last time my body didn’t do anything on it’s own, even at 42 weeks. We needed to do another Lowe’s run that night and I roped Matt into a little pit stop at the mall on the way. We found a purse just Emmy’s size and she was pretty happy about it (all girl, I tell you!), Matt saw friends on the bottom floor and hopped right on the escalator (clearly marked no strollers allowed, oh boy), and then I let Emmy rearrange the screw department at Lowe’s (she was having too much fun doing it to stop her!). Sorry Lowe’s! 20130719-221047.jpgFriday night Matt watched Emmy so I could go to sushi with girlfriends to celebrate Kirsten’s birthday. We had so much fun and of course Yokozuna’s is always delicious! After dinner I came home to my happy girl and Matt headed out with his guy friends to celebrate Ryan’s birthday. Glad we both got to celebrate our friends!20130719-221115.jpgI got a couple pictures of Emmy while we were at dinner… hahaha (trying on Uncle Ryan’s cool wig :))20130720-002305.jpg


Monday was “job day” around our house. Mommy did countless loads of laundry, cleaned the floors, picked-up, etc. To keep the munchkins busy, we set up a makeshift “car wash” on the porch. All the bikes, scooters, and even the little tike car got scrubbed from top to bottom! πŸ™‚


Tuesday we planned to go to BounceU with Cooper, but were sad to find it was full when we arrived. Plan B turned into a play-date as Chuck-E-Cheese. Norah LOVED it. She asked on the way there if she was going to get Cheeze-Its at “Chuck-E-Cheezeits” and was very disappointed when Cooper informed her that the mechanical dancing mouse was not real (she was confused why he wouldn’t talk to her!?). My fearless little man just loved all the rides and pushing all the buttons!


On Tuesday night, Miss Em came to sleep over so that Matt and Jodi could have an anniversary date night. We played lots of games and introduced Emmy to coloring. When Emmy woke up Wednesday morning, she ran to the high chair saying “Peee, Peee (Please)” and pointing at the colors.


Late Tuesday night we had a sno shack family night at Lifetime. We played basketball and the staff gave us a beautiful book filled with letters about their experience working at the shack. It was so sincere and so encouraging! We have the best staff ever πŸ™‚


The rest of the week was a roller coaster, Jonah was still recovering from a stomach bug and Josh was working pretty much 24/7. We tried to stay cool, savor the smiles, and soak in summer as much as possible.


Thursday night Jonah was a mess, so we put him to bed early and tried to watch Madagascar 3 with Norah. Every 5 min she made a comment about how she “just didn’t really like this movie” and then finally looked at us with a smile and said, “Who wants to watch Peppa Pig now!!?” The girl loves her NickJr.


Friday morning Norah had a low temp so we spent the day relaxing. Emmy came over for a couple hours in the afternoon and the babies played together while Norah relaxed on the couch. After nap-time, Norah wanted to go ride her “roller-scooter” but HAD to have a headband first! πŸ™‚


Our mobile Josh’s Sno Shack was finally completed- just in time for the Center of the Universe festival. Josh has poured his heart, soul and energy into this project for the last month. So, I headed downtown with the kids on Friday evening to see it in action. Sad to say the evening ended with Norah spiking a 102 degree temp and begging to go home to her blankie. 😦


The rest of the weekend has been a dedicated to managing fevers. Jonah caught Norah’s virus just as his stomach bug ended. Both babies have spiked several 103+ temps in the last 48hrs and Mommy has slept very little. I’ve felt like a new mom- surviving in that “foggy” stage. Today we did some bird watching and even brought the Play-doh out while their temps broke. Praying for a healthier week…


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