Our Week in Snapshots

better late than never…


Monday we did lots of playing at home. Emmy enjoyed destroying her room. I’m glad she really loves books but I think I put 100 away daily. And, I shared a little nutella with my girl. It got a little messy! 🙂20130713-162458.jpgTuesday was a doctor’s apt. for me (first check for any progress). Wa-wa, nothing’s happening yet. Hoping my apt. this Thursday holds some good news. We really want this boy to make his arrival all on his own. Gram, Pa, and Aunt Angie watched Emmy for me while I was at the dr. When I came to get her we ended up having a swim night. Emmy stopped to smell the flowers and Gram took the girls on some motor boat rides. I also started a project spray painting four picture frames for a blank wall in the living room. 20130713-162509.jpgThe next day Emmy got a package in the mail from Amazon (new Melissa and Doug puzzles!!!). She loves these things and is getting scary good at them. She just seems way too old everyday. We met Bethany and her girls for a Target run later that morning. Emmy hid these sunnies in the side of the cart and we almost walked out with them. whoops!20130713-162519.jpg

Thursday was our day at the children’s museum, so fun! Matt hung my little frame project filled with beautiful succulent photos. Emmy looooves greek yogurt and knew she was being oh so funny, rubbing it all over her face and hands. She cracks me up!20130713-162534.jpgLater that night we met the fam for some fun at the splash pad. These kids have the life. One fun thing to the next. It was a full day and I think we officially wore this girl out by bed time. 20130713-162547.jpgThe first half of our Friday night was spent laying on our bed with Emmy, toys, and feeling super tired but not wanting to be so lame. Matt and I brainstormed 500 things we could do that night but none of them got us out of bed. Finally an idea from Ang to check out the new Andy’s custard shop near their house did the trick, go figure! 20130713-162604.jpgSaturday, we brought Emmy to have her first sleepover at the new Juarez pad while we went on a date. It felt like it had been so long– love getting fun time with just Matt. He took me to the shooting range for the first time. It was quite an experience and I have to say much harder than I thought. I was extremely impressed with his skills though! Later we grabbed some dinner at McNellies (pregnancy craving of the night-sweet potato fries).  We spent some time at Guthrie chatting and then decided we should head home for some Braums and “Lost” before we got too tired! 20130715-083706.jpgSunday we enjoyed church and their cute backyard party after service. We had the lovely Odom family over for taco lunch afterward and had so much fun catching up with them. Ella is just a doll baby! Later, Chelsea and I celebrated Shirley at her lingerie shower. Can’t believe her and and AJ tie the knot so soon! woohoo!20130715-083731.jpg


The beginning of our week was spent organizing, unpacking and trying to enjoy or our new home as much as possible. We found a baby turtle in the backyard and the kids were SO intrigued! Norah was very concerned though that the turtle couldn’t find his mommy.


Jonah has had a stomach virus all week and has been extra cuddly. When Mommy isn’t available, he heads for Xavi to get snuggles :).


On Tuesday, we sporadically ran over to Gram’s for naps since the security system was being installed and sirens don’t pair well with napping babes. We were excited to see Emmy was there too! Swim party 🙂


Wednesday evening we had our special night with Jonah while Norah went to church with Mimi. We spent the evening unpacking the garage and waving to neighbors as they walked by.


Thursday was the Tulsa Children’s Museum and then a late night run to the splash pad with the King fam. It was great fun!


On Friday we met our dear friends at the a neighborhood pool for swimming fun. Norah and Cooper are two peas in a pod- they love each other!


The weekend followed with more pool and lots of cuddles- love these two… and their winks!


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