Discovery Lab- A Day at the Children’s Museum!

Today we took our first trip downtown to the children’s museum. I had no idea one even existed. It was AWESOME. I was so disappointed when I realized five minutes from arrival I had left my stroller sitting in the garage. But, when we walked in it was just a huge play room for these kids to run around and explore. Perfect! It was a lovely way to spend the day getting all their energy out without being in this ridiculous heat. The first room we spent most of our time in had these incredible “tape tunnels” and balls everywhere! The kids were in heaven! Β It’s so fun to watch their brains at work and see the wonder all over their faces. Just precious. They had some pretty sweet inventions that I wish I had at my house (like three light switches with colorful bulbs at jonah/emmy height). I’m pretty sure Emmy could have stood there all day because turning lights/buttons on and off is just plain entertaining. Here’s a look at our educational morning of exploring the Discovery Lab-

The welcome wagon.20130711-155527.jpg



Tape tunnels and a BALL!

Dr. Norah putting mommy up on needles. Ouch! πŸ™‚


Auntie Ang guiding the babies through the huge tape tunnels on the ceiling…20130711-155636.jpg20130711-155642.jpgSliding out of the tunnels with mama!

WEEEEEEE!!!!20130711-155649.jpgJonah-man’s new “silly face”.Β 20130711-155701.jpgGo Emmy GO!20130711-155655.jpgThe fabulous light exhibit. πŸ™‚

20130711-155733.jpgBrave little Nor giving the bed of spikes a whirl…20130711-155740.jpgHi cuz!20130711-155812.jpgWe had a great day. Cya later museum. We’ll be back!20130711-155755.jpg

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