A day in the life.

If you’ve ever wondered what a trip to the grocery store is like with a 3 and 1 year old, let me tell you. It’s busy, energy-depleting, and pretty hilarious.

Last week, we were in desperate need of basic groceries, so we loaded up and headed to Reasors right before nap time. The stories begin before we even reached the parking lot. I stopped to pick up cheese burgers for the kids, thinking they could hold them in the shopping cart. As we pull into Reasors, I catch a glimpse of Jonah rubbing the ketchup from his burger all over his face and into his hair.


After cleaning up (aka using 100+ wet wipes), we started through the produce section. Jonah starts chanting, “Ball…Ball…Ball!!” at the Roma Tomatoes. I hand him one and ask him to hold it while I find a sack. He smiles. When I turn around, I see him chewing away- big bite missing off the top of the tomato. I gasp and Norah immediately asks, “Can I have one too!?!!”

Surprisingly, Jonah just chewed happily for several minutes. Just when I was convinced we had found a new snack for the little man, I hear him exclaimed, “GUUUUUCK!!!! (yuck)” He had bit into the juicy part of the tomato and it exploded all over his shirt, pants, and face. Norah and I cracked up, along with everyone around us. Bring on more wet wipes.

Soon we passed the sausage.I grabbed a package and handed it to Jonah to throw in the cart for me. He faked tossing it behind him several times and I pretended to laugh each time. It was a great game. Not more than 2 minitues later, I notice he is biting into the sausage… through the wrapper and everything! THREE big bites.

Again, Norah and I crack up… and clean up.

Since Jonah had had his chance to shine, it was Norah’s turn. We passed a man in the aisle and Norah gasps, “Oh MAN Mommy, that man is REALLY full! Does he have a baby in his tummy!!?”

(Did this really just happen to me??)

I turn away quickly and try to whisper to Norah about not saying those things out loud. She looks at me really confused and says in her very loud toddler voice, “But Mommy, he’s really full! Did he eat too much or does he just have a baby in his tummy!??”

As we’re fleeing the area, Jonah knocks a glass tea jar onto the ground. Not going to lie, I didn’t clean it up because I was laughing too hard. Norah even asked me why I was crying. hahaha

Thank God that is the end of this story. I chalk it up as our epic grocery store trip- it can only get easier as they age….. right? πŸ˜‰

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