Our Week in Snapshots


It has been a crazy week here… trying to find everything from sippy cups to diaper cream amidst the boxes is always an adventure (maybe more frustrating?) On Monday, Josh headed off to work and I asked myself “WHY?? Why did we choose to move at this time of year?” Josh’s to-do list for the business is never ending and my inbox of emails for catering events was at least 15 deep. Thank God for my amazing sister who volunteered to keep the kids overnight on Monday so that we could enjoy the Lion King with the Juarez family. I am not a fan of musicals, but I have to say this show was INCREDIBLE! I would go again.. and I think Norah would have loved it!


Tuesday morning I headed to Starbucks around 6am to tackle my long list of emails and caffeinated myself before heading to our old home to clean. My wonderful friend Zina was priceless once again! She met me at the old house and helped me clean, dust, sweep, etc. until the house was ready for our renters. On the way out of the neighborhood I heard our huge thing of change tip over in the backseat. I stopped, thinking that I could just turn it right side up and prevent a mess… bad idea. As soon as I opened the door it crashed onto the road, leaving us with a mess of glass and change to clean up. Oh.my.


Wednesday we spend the day doing chores around the new house. We feel SOOO blessed to be here! There are new adventures everywhere- Wednesday I heard Norah yelling, “BU-NNNNNYYY!!” I open the back door and see her crouched by the fence trying to touch a bunny that was not more than 2 ft outside our fence. She was in awe!


Thursday was the 4th!


We went to our old home for the last time to give keys to the renters and say good-bye to our precious neighbor girl. Norah will miss sweet Lilly SO much! What beautiful memories we have in that home.


After grilling, playing and swimming at my parent’s house, we headed to get some fireworks and enjoy the evening at home with Aunt Jen. When we pulled up to the fireworks stand, Norah exclaimed, “Look at ALL that CANDY!”


Norah loved the “sprinklers” aka sparklers and grinned from ear to ear every-time a firework exploded in the sky.


A one year comparison from the 4th- how the time flies!


Friday I did my best to unpack and get organized. It is SO hard with these goobers!


Saturday was the 10 year Grace Reunion for the Class of 2003. I graduated in 2004, but because our classes were so small at Grace surrounding classes were invited. It was a great time to hang with old (and wonderful) friends!



This week has been pretty slow around our house. I’ve had a hard time getting us out of the house before nap time and I’ve been joining Emmy for nap time everyday too. I’m super ready for this pregnancy thing to be over with the constant fatigue and terrible cravings. I haven’t poured myself a bowl of cereal since may be high school and suddenly it sounds good round the clock. I was actually annoyed that Matt used the last of the milk for Emmy this morning! That’s for my cereal, people! So bad.Β 20130707-154037.jpg

My little errand-running buddy… We had fun stopping by Angie’s new house to see the progress. It’s already looking beautiful and the kids have a blast exploring together!


On Wednesday we got pretty domestic and made some homemade cream cheese frosting and a patriotic fruit pizza for the fourth. Emmy LOOOVED frosting and even tried to lick the mixer clean.


Friday after 4th of July we did lots more playing/cleaning at home and even attempted my first batch of banana bread. Matt was making fun of me for not throwing away rotted bananas on our counter-top and asked if I was saving them for banana bread so, naturally, I said I was… because why not!? It turned out totally sub-par. boo. Oh- and Zara has everything on sale and you must check it out. Emmy got some great new kicks this week on deep discount. woohoo!


Matt is having a busy week at work so we were happy to get a couple hours with him on Saturday. We spent the day getting Five Guys, ice cream, shopping, and of course playing some tag. I love that I am “base” when her and daddy play chase. It’s pretty precious.


On Saturday night we had another sleepover with the Juarez kids. This time Uncle Matt decided we should take the double stroller on a test run and make a trip to the sno shack! We didn’t really think about pushing how many pounds up and down our hilly neighborhood and 81st and Yale. whew! Matt and I were both dripping sweat by the time we made it home from our adventure. Three kids is no joke and I’m sure we looked a little funny with my big pregnant belly as well.


Jonah-man loves to sleep in so we spent the morning with the two gal pals.


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