Sleepover Party

Last night we had our first sleepover with the kids at the new house. We are so excited to have more bedrooms to accommodate everyone now. The Juarez family has been super busy with moving into their new house while keeping up with lots of sno shack business so we were happy to take the kids while they enjoyed a date and some time alone to work. Of course these cousins has a blast together and I couldn’t help but take a gazillion pictures…

After naps we enjoyed this beautiful weather in the backyard. Jonah-man is the sweetest and kept saying hi to cousin Emmy. He loved relaxing in the lawn chair feeling the breeze. Big sis kindly stuffed his pocket with dead leaves to show mommy later. πŸ™‚

Next, we played all kinds of games, read several stories, and just made a HUGE mess in Emmy’s room…

We had a super fun bath in Aunt Jojo’s big tub and the kids splashed water EVERYWHERE! Oh well- the giggles were worth it!

After bath-time a super tired Emmy went to bed and the rest of us popped up the corn for some Barney-watching. I haven’t seen someone so enraptured by Barney since the days Angie would watch. πŸ™‚ Like mama, like daughter. Matt and I were mostly just entertained by Jonah man’s position throughout the show. Boy knows how to kick back and relax. πŸ™‚

After helping Uncle Matt trim the trees (“because I love Uncle Matt”), Norah decided she wanted Uncle Matt to put her to bed. Aw! I loved hearing them reading stories down the hall and praying together. Matt said she told him, “Okay, I’m ready to sleep now. You should go hang out with Jodi.” Really!? She is so old. And funny!

Jonah-man slept in late so we had lots of girl time this morning..

It’s always a party with these three. Can’t wait for #4 to join the crew!

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