Our Week in Snapshots


Look at this little model… She loves saying CHEEESE for pictures still, and oh my is it cheesy! 20130629-123302.jpgWe made it to church two weeks in a row. Let’s hope this is the new normal. Although, it does break my heart that Emmy is now at the age where she bawls when we hand her over and bawls when she sees the other kiddos being picked up afterward. Good practice I guess. After church we spent the day at Gram and Pa’s playing in the pool. It was SO relaxing and nice. It feels like it’s been quite a while since we’ve had a family day just relaxing in the sunshine with no jobs on the list or errands to get to. woohoo! Another “normal” I’d like to get used to!20130628-134229.jpgTuesday night we celebrated my dad’s birthday (from the week before) with another adults-only dinner out. Always a treat! Happy birthday to our amazing dad! 5 weeks left til my due date. Hoping and wishing this boy shows up early!!20130628-134222.jpgEmmy had lots of fun playing at home this week and trying out cool outfit combos for fun. She is such a girl with her love for dress-up, baby-dolls, and getting into mom’s lipstick and nail polish. Matt’s been telling me I shouldn’t let her play with my nail polish and that she’s going to break one for a long time now (seems obvious) but I didn’t enforce this rule to well. While he was gone one morning and I was giving her a lesson on being gentle, she wound up with a nail polish bottle and flung it at the ground as hard as she could. SWEET! Thank goodness it was white and landed on our white bathroom tile. What a stinky and toxic mess to clean up. No more nail polish for Miss Em. 20130628-134214.jpgLater that morning we met our friends for some fun at Utica. I actually found some tops to help me make it through these next glorious weeks and the girls had a ball playing “tea party” at pb kids. Reese knew right where to go for the tea party and left Emmy standing there saying, “Go??” with hands up. Her latest phrase!20130628-134205.jpgOn Thursday we got a quick visit from my cousin Kyle and his wife Marian. These world travelers and fun family have been so missed every since they moved to Virginia from Tulsa. We enjoyed playing in the pool at Gram and Pa’s house and giving them tours of our new places the next day. They hadn’t seen the babies since they were about 7 mos. so it was quite a difference. Wish we had more time with them!20130628-134159.jpgFriday was kind of a work day for us. Emmy worked on buckles the majority of the afternoon (OBSESSED!). Mommy did a little project on our office nook near the kitchen. Who knew walgreens does instagram size prints (4X4)?? Then later, we all headed to the Juarez house for moving trip number 1 of many this weekend. I felt pretty useless at the moving party, mostly sitting and attempting to keep track of the kids so everyone could work. Pregnant movers must be the worst kind.Β 20130630-131743.jpgEmmy loved watching papa shave on Saturday morning and cuddling him after. These two are becoming buddies more and more everyday. Little did papa know she had a little surprise leaking on him and this peaceful little moment was followed by mass chaos/#2 clean up duty! Poor girl- this was the start of her not feeling so well. Later, Miss Lauren came in town for the big wedding and we got to grab some lunch and play in the backyard for a bit. Love and miss her tons!20130630-131736.jpgThe wedding of the year was later that night. We had so much fun celebrating the BEAUTIFUL bride Sedef and her new hubby, Hunter, last night. These two party-planning expert families did not disappoint with this gorgeous affair. 20130630-131726.jpgEverything was so lovely and the people were pretty great to celebrate with too!Β 20130630-131720.jpg

The JUAREZ fam

Monday was a fun-filled day! We hit up the Lifetime Pool for a little bit (Norah wanted to model her new swimsuit) and then headed to Pops and Mimi’s for dinner. Norah wrote her first “words” with chalk- at least it was the first scribbles that resembled words. After dinner, the girls made a quick run to TJ Max- Norah is always up for shopping! πŸ™‚

20130630-214130.jpgTuesday we celebrated my Dad’s birthday at the The Ridge Grill. Yum!


On Wednesday, Norah went to church with Mimi and so I got to have a special shopping date with my Jonah-man. Daddy even met us up for a couple minutes… Jonah loves having our full attention!

20130630-214141.jpgThursday was the BIG day for our family. Signing on our new home! Yay!

20130630-214241.jpgThe morning started with Norah asking to straighten her hair for the first time. She looked so old and I realized how much I LOVE her curly hair! Can’t believe how long her hair really is though!


Jonah had head injury #5281 that day! He tried to climb a shelf at Hobby Lobby, slipped and landed face first on the metal bar near the shopping cart wheel. Poor little guy :(.

20130630-214150.jpgWhen i dropped the kids off with my mom to go to our house closing, she immediately engaged in their tea party of coffee (water) and peanut butter crackers. Have I mentioned how MUCH Jonah loves peanut butter!?


Friday we played with my cousin Kyle and his wife Marian. They used to live in Tulsa and we miss them SO much! Kyle made this sweet book for Norah’s first birthday and now she reads it to herself.Β  Sweet memories!


On Saturday, we went to the most BEAUTIFUL wedding! Congrats to Sedef and Hunter Houston! Our sweet friend, staff, and babysitter Alex did my hair before the wedding since my curling iron broke. She’s super wonderful- check our her blog http://www.beyoutybygrace.wordpress.com for great fashion tips.

20130630-214251.jpgToday was the OFFICIAL moving day- wow! Moving is exhausting… the best part of the day was just crashing on our mattress on the floor with our little fam. I have been feeling SO blessed today! Thank you to everyone who helped us!


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