Emerson’s New Space

We finally have Emmy’s new space all finished. I’m so happy with the way it turned out, especially her polka dot accent wall. Here’s a look at the photos and details of her room, complete with lots of links to sources and tutorials. Hope you enjoy…20130624-122852.jpg20130624-123005.jpgHere’s her mint dresser I previously posted about. I love the chalk paint color contrasted with the coral and gray. These fun frames and glass knobs keep it feeling modern and fresh. 20130624-123015.jpg20130624-142346.jpgWe found a convertible crib for Miss Em online and still have it set up as a crib for now. She is all about climbing lately but has yet to attempt an escape so hopefully it stays that way for a bit. The other walls of her nursery are a medium gray that feels peaceful in the morning and very cozy at night. 20130624-122832.jpgThese built-in book shelves are now home to some of our favorite children’s books, fun and brightly-colored toys, and special photos…


These ikea shelves are now storing cozy blankets, more stories, and small toys all at her reach…20130624-123048.jpg


We took apart her tree branch and fabric pom-pom mobile and just hung the balls from white thumbtacks in the ceiling this time. After trying to decide on an arrangement for several different frames and wall hangings we decided this poster was a stand alone in need of it’s own wall. 20130624-123057.jpg

20130624-132405.jpg 20130624-132356.jpg20130624-142400.jpg 20130624-132347.jpgThe infamous “E” sign that will be a war with Matt and I forever and ever. We should probably just do a poll on here of who likes, who hates it, and how much you’d pay for it. 🙂

20130624-123602.jpgGrandma Smith came with her light fixture all the way from Chicago. I LOVE the beautiful shadows it casts on the ceiling throughout the day. It creates a total whimsical vibe that is just so girly and peaceful. 20130624-123107.jpg

20130624-152901.jpgPolka Dot Accent Wall— I knew I wanted to switch up the color of Emmy’s room this time and fell in love with the idea of a punchy accent wall. I looked at endless amounts of wallpaper online and just found the process super frustrating and expensive. Plus, we had no idea how to put up wallpaper. Once we moved in I realized her room did have lightly textured walls and wallpaper probably wouldn’t work anyway. Of course Pinterest came to the rescue with a fabulously cheap and easy idea for creating polka dots. This tutorial became my vision, only I wanted to make mine a little more random- simply for style and ease. I knew I wanted gray walls this time in order to create a cozy and soothing feel. We went with a bright coral for the pop wall. I ordered silver contact paper off amazon along with a circle cutter set at 4 1/2 in. It was incredibly easy to use and apply. Once the wall was painted, I just started playing with the circles and placing them in random order. There was a few times I wanted to rearrange one or two and they pulled off fairly easily without taking paint off. They’re definitely not something Emmy could rip off though. Thank goodness!


Our sign from Linda French for Emmy’s first birthday was the perfect piece to hang front and center on her polka dot wall (I think you can find this on Etsy).

20130624-123023.jpg*Source List*

If I missed something you’re wondering about, feel free to email us and I’ll give you all the details! Thanks for checking it out! 🙂

While it was a work in progress…

3 thoughts on “Emerson’s New Space

  1. jessicatrujillo7 says:

    This looks great! How did you cut out the circles to make sure they looked all the same? Did you use a certain tool?


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