Baby Smith’s Explorer Nursery

Welcome to our sweet baby boy’s teal and citron “adventure” themed nursery!20130624-161550.jpgWhen putting this babe’s little place together I was totally inspired by a rustic explorer/travel themed space. I loved this room I saw on Pinterest and decided to go with a similar deep teal wall color and add the pops of citron through his bedding and accessories. I’m happy with the cozy and manly feel we ended up with. Take a look…20130624-161830.jpgThe wall map has a vintage feel and adds some great color too.20130626-150252.jpgI was surprised to find these airplanes at Hobby Lobby for the right price and the right rustic feel. They were a last minute addition for something fun to look at during diaper changes. Matt hung them using fishing line and screws into the ceiling. My only qualm being the dark colors against the dark walls. However, at this point I just want the room done. May be I’ll go back and take some spray paint to them later so they’re more visible.20130626-150433.jpg20130626-150406.jpgThe changing table was Emmy’s and we just switched out the knobs.

20130624-161729.jpgI’m so glad we were able to recycle so many things we already had and pull from different rooms of the house to make a “collected over time” feeling. The curtains (pulled from our old master bathroom) are very light and airy with a subtle citron pattern for a pop of color in the corner of the room.The rug (from our old kitchen) has such a bold tribal pattern that really fit well with the explorer feel. We decided to move Emmy’s glider into his room since we don’t rock her to sleep much anymore.

20130624-161657.jpg20130626-150312.jpg20130626-150502.jpgThe side table was just a little River City find that I pulled from our guest room. I loved the little opening in front for storing books and my favorite Marshall’s vase covered in a Moroccan pattern in shades of green.20130624-161649.jpgThe light fixture is a burlap fabric shade on a pendant hanger I ordered from Amazon. I would suggest buying the pendant kit from Lowes for sure. Much easier! This shade doesn’t give off a ton of light but we’re all about “cozy” over here so it’s perfect for us. 20130626-150328.jpgThe banner above the crib was stolen from my baby shower and made by my sister-in-law Chelsea. I will probably exchange it for something more durable with his name later but it was just too cute not to use for the time. We probably rearranged this room fifteen times trying to figure our the best use of space. Matt is not happy with the functionality we ended up with (catty-corner wastes space apparently). But, I think hanging the banner across the corner helps the crib placement work.20130624-161612.jpg20130626-150526.jpgThe crib bedding was sewn by the wonderful, Rhonda Geier, and we could not love it more! She always does a perfect job! The fabric is a mix of bright green, charcoal gray, and cream. 20130626-150238.jpg This book shelf used to store my shoes in our old closet. Now, it’s home to fun knick-knacks, books, and shoes way too cute not to be on display.20130624-161757.jpg20130624-161747.jpg20130624-161823.jpg20130626-150347.jpg *Source List*

  • Light Fixture- Lowes
  • Wall Map-
  • Curtains- Urban Outfitters
  • Area Rug and Patterned Pillow- Ikea
  • Changing Table- Repainted Antique
  • Knobs- Hobby Lobby
  • Side Table- River City
  • Lamps- Target
  • Crib Bedding Fabric- Sew Flakes (Sewn by Mrs. Geier–thank you!!!)
  • Toy Basket- Target
  • Crib- Craigs List (Emmy hand-me-down)
  • “Luggage”- Matt’s old trumpet case
  • Giraffe- Home Goods
  • Hanging Airplanes and Boat Wheel- Hobby Lobby
  • Chalkboard Window- River City
  • Wall Color- Firmament by Valspar

Once again, if I missed something you’re wondering about, feel free to email and I’ll answer any questions! Nurseries are so fun! You can find so many great ways to do them for less too. I’ve loved putting these two rooms together and creating a unique place for my kids to call home. Now, I just need to have this baby. Praying for an early delivery because pregnancy and temperatures this hot should not be combined!

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