Our Week in Snapshots


The week began with Matt back to work and things returning to normal. Emmy missed daddy while he was in his office and they had the cutest little reunion Monday night. She loves when he chases her all over the house and squeals for “mama mama” and crashes into me for safety. My focus this week has been getting the kid’s rooms put together. We installed this lovely light fixture for Miss Em and taped off the walls for our nightly entertainment. 🙂 Nursery reveal post coming Monday…20130622-193045.jpg

I still can’t believe my girl is talking away, climbing cribs, and rocking pig-tails already. Where does the time go? She was such a good buddy all day as we ran errands for the house, worked on projects, and played. I don’t think brother will be getting his froggie back anytime soon. She is quite taken with him! 20130622-193054.jpg

On Wednesday I decided a quick visit to baby Gap should be added to our list of errands. Only problem- mommy forgot to load the stroller up. Should we skip it? Nah! I was feeling brave- so I lugged this child and my very pregnant-self through the mall for a look! I let Em down to explore while I tried to speed-shop as quickly as possible. She loved weaving in and out or racks and playing peek-a-boo with the clothes. She only pulled one pile of shirts to the ground- chalk that up to a success story in my book.


On Thursday we spent the day before our dr.’s appointment with our friends. Emmy and I both had lots of fun giving a tour of our new place and playing in the backyard with our old neighbors. We love these girls…

20130622-193120.jpgI attempted a small clip for the one thousandth time on Friday morning and what do you know? It stayed! Her hair has been growing like crazy but mostly in back, which has earned her the loving pet name, “mullet-girl”, around this house. I love this little model with her hands in her pockets and that far-away stare. What a diva! 20130622-193142.jpg

So this whole loving her baby-dolls and stroller-pushing has turned into a bit of an obsession now. She will work until she gets the straps clipped and then look at you with panic begging you to please open it back up. Over and OVER again! Oh boy…


Friday night we had so much fun getting a little date night and celebrating Chelsea’s big birthday with friends! HJ put together a surprise dinner at Mi Cocina that really shocked her. Happy, happy birthday sister! Oh- and this is Matt after he decided he doesn’t do pictures anymore.


On Saturday, being the extra fun wife that I am, I instituted “hang, drill, assemble, and do everything on my list until everything’s done in these nurseries day”. Thank you husband for making my dreams of completion come true (even if it wasn’t very fun at all). On our trip to Lowes this morning Emmy fell asleep randomly as we pulled in. So funny because she hasn’t slept in the car in eons and it wasn’t even close to nap time. Gram and Pa must have played hard with her last night because she was one sleepy punkin.



I keep having this problem that the storage on my iPhone is always “FULL” So, sadly I was only able to take 100 pictures of these kiddos instead of 1,000. Overstatement, yes… but still, these few snapshots will have to do. 🙂

On Tuesday, Norah insisted that she NEEDED 3 ponytails for the day “because I’m THREE, NOT two or one!”

20130623-221647.jpgOn Wednesday, we headed over to Jodi’s for a little photoshoot with Gram before nap time. These kiddos love each other so much!

20130623-222032.jpgThat evening, Norah went to church with Mimi. She was “the assistant” for her class and told me several times how she had to tell the big boys, “No running on the stage! No one runs on the stage for safety!” While my little mommy was at church, we had a fun night hanging out with Lucas (and his parents Luke and Mandi :).) These little boys have adorable matching bellies and crazy hair. Love them!

20130623-222026.jpgFriday night I joined the beautiful Alex Koenig for Yoga Under the Stars at Lifetime Fitness. I’m definitly not a “yogi,” but it was so fun! It was a wonderful, warm evening and being outside with 100+ other people was a very neat experience. So glad Alex asked me to go- she’s the sweetest!

20130623-221703.jpgMy friend Heather and I put together a garage sale Saturday morning. I wish I could say it was successful, but it was really more of a pain than anything. All you garage sale loving friends of mine have my utmost respect! 🙂


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