Dad Fest

Yesterday was so much fun celebrating all the wonderful dads that are a part of our lives. I am so thankful Emmy has a papa who loves her and shows her such a good example of our heavenly father. She also has two grandpas who couldn’t love her more! Lucky girl! πŸ™‚

We had a blast having everyone over to our house for the first real get-together. We ordered up a large spread of “man-meat”, let the kids play like crazy, and even got a game of Balderdash in with the adults later that night. We are loving feeling settled in our new home and making all these new memories here.

A few photos from our day of celebration with the papas…

These two cheesers enjoyed omelets outside and then we got ready for church. She is Matt’s little buddy, always watching him!

Emmy enjoyed some dancing after service…

These cousins played so hard all day. Don’t you think it’s time for Uncle HJ to be a daddy? Look what a natural he is with that baby doll. πŸ˜‰ Emmy dug through Norah’s bag while she was napping and was incredibly proud to waltz into the room wearing her pink shoes. What a stinker!

Happy Father’s Day 2013! (yesterday)


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