Our Week in Snapshots


Our Sunday was spent working on the house. Matt found some birds making a nest through a vent in our attic. That turned into a four hour project. Then, Grandma Smith came over to play with Emmy while we painted little boy’s room. Hardest paint job ever… but we did it! 20130615-133127.jpgOn Monday Emmy helped me set up the new nursery some more. It was hilarious to watch her try out all her old baby seats and toys as I unpacked them for brother. She especially loved this cozy chair for her dolls. Grandpa and Grandma Smith are in town for the week and Gramps loved playing “BAAALLL” in the backyard.20130615-133138.jpgTuesday and Wednesday were mostly spent unpacking this place. Emmy does such a good job working hard on her stroller straps or reading books while I finish little jobs. She’s a hard little worker!20130615-133146.jpgWe took an “unpacking break” to swim at Gram and Pa’s house. Man, this week has been HOT! All of a sudden I’m ready to have this baby now! The center of this huge raft was the perfect play space for a girl who isn’t loving being confined to floaty toys or people’s arms.20130615-133153.jpgAfter a day spent swimming at the hotel with Grandma and Grandpa Smith and a nice long nap, this girl and I enjoyed relaxing in the backyard. Daddy was supposed to get home from a quick trip to New York at 5 pm and because of flight cancellations didn’t walk through the door til 1 am. 😦 Good thing he’s not traveling again for a while! We are feeling very ready for a weekend as a family with *nothing* to do! 20130615-133159.jpgOn Friday I watched the cousins while Angie did some bootcamp. It was Norah’s grand idea to put ALL her bows in at the same time and of course Aunt Jojo was game. 🙂 Love Jonah and Emmy in their matching looks! Cutie pies…20130615-133206.jpg


Jodi’s baby shower last weekend was SO beautiful. Jodi’s sister-in-law, Chelsea, was really amazing. She went over and above to make the event beautiful!

20130616-151458.jpgOn Tuesday, we went to Bentley Park in Bixby with Cooper for a playdate in the Splash Pad and at the park. So hot, but so fun!


Norah woke up extra early one day, so we headed out for an early morning run together. Its been a long time since it was just the two of us… she wanted to talk the whole time. Out.of.breath!


The super hot heat rolled into town this week, so we spent time inside on our rollerblades and trying to find active entertainment.

20130616-151749.jpgWe tried to venture out to the park another day… this lasted about 20min. Jonah’s cheeks were bright red and we were all a sweaty mess. Can’t believe this is only June.

20130616-152259.jpgWe’ve started packing and I have a feeling Josh’s witty comments will be all over our moving boxes. This was a crystal vase that we got for our wedding seven years ago. I told Josh to make sure he was careful with it and this was the label he gave it “$200 Margarita Glass.” haha

20130616-152905.jpgNorah’s selfies for the week:


Wednesday I had a all “me” day. It was AMAZING! I went to Bootcamp in the morning, then headed out to get my hair fixed (it was in desperate need), ran some errands and then met some girlfriends from nursing school for dinner. As much as I love my kiddos, having time away from my little loves is very refreshing!


Norah found her flower girl dress from last summer in the midst of our packing. She decided that she now loves it. I think our days of dressing up are just beginning.


We had to head up to the mall and makes sure “Crackin’ Nut” got a good bath. 🙂


Last night, it cooled down a bit and we enjoyed some dancing on the sidewalk and waving to cars.


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