Boxes, U-hauls, and Saying Goodbye

This morning I’m enjoying one of the RARE (as in first ever) luxuries where I’m up before Emmy, drinking my coffee, and blogging in the shady breeze of my backyard. I think I’ll be attempting this a lot more often now. This feels like the first time I’ve gotten to relax since our Houston trip. Something about packing up your entire life, transporting it to a new location to all be put away, having a curious/confused little toddler wanting your attention, having a ginormous cold throughout it all, AND hitting the awesome stage of pregnancy where “even doing nothing feels tiring” has made me feel… sleepy. Thank goodness we are here though! Things are finally starting to find their place and we LOVE our new home like crazy. Favorite part- our new backyard…20130611-090817.jpgSo, the move began on Tuesday night. The homeowners kindly let us move our things in a day early since we were also closing on our current home the same day (Wednesday). whew! Matt loaded up the first U-haul with my dad and Josh (and a little help from Norah and Jonah) in the afternoon. Later that night we got help loading the truck again from Matt’s friends: Daniel, H.J., Will, and Chris. It was a long day and Matt was such a trooper. I’m so glad my husband is a hard worker and kept going without any complaints (poor guy had a bad cold the whole time too). I’m also so thankful to Angie for taking Emerson half-way through the day. Emmy was having a hard time with all the commotion and getting very tired on us so Ang loaded up all three kids and took them to the bank with her and then home for naps. She watched Emmy several times throughout the morning so I could focus on what I was doing. She had the babies dancing while she washed the windows and even taught Norah to be a big helper by carrying out several big frames. Angie is seriously super mom and definitely super sister! My parents and of course Mine’ helped out tons too. You guys are the best!

Tuesday night we slept on an air mattress in our empty home. We were both too miserable and stuffed up to sleep so Matt finally ran to the store at 3 am for medicine. When he got home we ate snacks on the carpet and decided it was a good time to vacuum and scrub the bathrooms. Around 5 am we took a little nap and woke up ready for official moving day by 6. woohoo!

When I pulled away from our sweet place, I was surprised to feel quite a large lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. It was a little sad saying goodbye to our home for the last time (the home where we had our first kiss, brought our first baby home, and experienced our first years of marriage in). I’m sure we’ll look back on that house the rest of our lives as “the good ole’ days”. Or… may be I’m just very emotional right now, very possible! πŸ™‚

Ever since our closings, it’s been all about unpacking and making this place “ours”. It’s been lots of work but lots of fun! THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all who have helped us with the move and/or taking good care of Emmy while we worked. It means so much to us and you’ve scored lots of friendship/”moving help” credit with us for sure. πŸ™‚

My tips for moving mamas?

  • As soon as you know your moving, start using down time to go through things and dejunk/pack. It’s so much easier if you spread it out rather than wear yourself out trying to accomplish a mountain of a task in a few days.
  • Arrange for some trusted help watching your kids. Wether you put someone in charge at your house while you work or have someone take them home for the day, you’ll be so glad you did!
  • Be patient! You don’t have to have it all unpacked and hung/organized by the end of the day. Matt and I made a list of things I want him to do (paint bedrooms, hang pictures, assemble items, etc.) and then gave them each priority. With his family in town, work life moving on, and projects taking 3 times the expected time to complete, I’ve had to realize it’s okay for this to take a while. We will get it all done slowly but surely.
  • Make priorities^^^Sort of a run off of the last tip but I decided early on that my living room and kitchen were my main priorities since that’s what guests see and we live in the most. My mom helped me put my living room together as best we could without hanging things or having my media console yet. I worked all Wednesday morning on organizing and putting my kitchen away neatly. Sure, the game-room is filled with boxes and tubs but we’ll just keep the door closed a little longer up there. πŸ™‚

  • Take breaks! I wish I would have done this more. Everyone needs to recharge their batteries and just relax for a minute. I get a little too excited sometimes and I think everyone saw how this played out Wednesday night when I almost lost my marbles over not finding Emmy’s box of headbands. (Like that was super important at the moment!?) Forgive me!
  • Take lots of pictures will always be my advice. Have I ever regretted it? nope!

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