When I asked Norah what she wanted to do for her approaching third birthday, she would put her finger to her chin, tap and say, “hmmm, how about a pink party!?!?” She has recently decided that pink is her favorite color…

I entertained the idea of pink, but that idea quickly morphed in Princesses and Tea Parties- neither of which Norah appreciates yet. As I tried my best to get creative, I realized that I am totally “Pinterest-ed” out… aka, overdone with detailed parties that take hours to prep and no one knows the difference. Creativity doesn’t come natural to me, so why force it?

With that in mind, I decided to just have a fun, simple party with friends… doing the things Norah LOVES: JUMPING, SWIMMING, PARTYING and PLAYING. The only things we were missing were swimming, dancing and bike riding :).


To make the party happen, we invited everyone to Grandpa and Grandma’s house to enjoy a bouncy house and the beautiful pool. I bought a few hanging decorations from the party supply store, picked up groceries for make-your-own sandwiches, ordered cupcakes and let Norah pick out colors for 36 balloons. Her favorite detail!

Our amazing friend, Zina, took all these beautiful pictures. I am so thankful for her ability to capture our lives in action! She is such a blessing to our family… and the kids love her too!

This bouncy house/slide combo was awesome! The kids LOVED seeing it be blown up in the backyard and jumping to their hearts content.

Norah loved having her friends all in one place, getting beautiful gifts and having all the attention on her!

I ordered the bright sparkle cupcakes from Merrit’s Bakery… and since it was really Aunt Jodi’s birthday, we had a Red Velvet Cake too. I think Jonah LOVED his cupcake more than anyone!

After lots of playing and jumping, presents and cake- everyone jumped in the pool to cool off. The dads had epic games of trying to balance on the giant beach ball while the kiddos splashed around in the pool.

What a FUN time to celebrate my big THREE year old!


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