Babymoon Weekend

In the middle of all this moving craziness we squeezed in a little baby moon, thanks bunches to Matt’s company. They host two parties a year for the employees and their spouses in Houston. We were thrilled they planned the summer party in June this year, rather than August so we could make it before baby. It was just what the doctor ordered to have some quality (and luxurious) alone time before life becomes filled with all that managing two kids under two years old holds.

After a few days of what seemed like endless packing and cleaning, Gram came to pick up my little helper for the weekend. I flew out on Friday and got some time to shop at the Galleria while Matt finished up his training for the day. He picked me up later that night for sushi, a late movie, and a whole weekend full of way too much dessert! I have to say my favorite parts of these weekends are just lounging at the hotel and enjoying the luxuries of sleeping in, a magically clean bathroom, and service like crazy. After we returned to the hotel for the night, we were surprised to open our door and find a case of beer and men’s luggage scattered amongst our own things. Apparently he thought he had a roommate and didn’t think anything of the neon pink top across the bed, prenatal vitamins on the nightstand, or makeup scattered all over the bathroom. Anyway, thank you St. Regis for moving us to a ridiculous suite for the remainder of our stay and sending fun little treats for the mix-up. We’ll take it!

We spent Saturday completely wiped from our late night and carb-filled breakfast. We went home shopping at lots of fun stores not located in Tulsa. We quickly realized how pointless this was, seeing as we couldn’t carry on a love seat or a dresser very well. Saturday afternoon we enjoyed mingling with Matt’s co-workers and hanging by the pool. I spent the majority of the time sweating, nodding at accountant convos, and sneaking back to the queso and brownie bar. πŸ™‚ We ended the night with round two of ice cream and a swim back at the hotel (where I could wear my husbands t-shirt and basketball shorts in the pool). Not even a tankini is happening at this point!— is it August 5th yet??

We headed back home to pick up our pumpkin early Sunday morning. She had a blast staying with Gram and Pa and her little baby dolls. We’re so thankful to have grandparents that take good care of her so we can get special time alone. I highly recommend a baby-moon to any expecting parents! The memories of “newborn busyness” are all too vivid not to take advantage of any alone time I can get with my hubby before it all begins again.

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