Memorial Day!

Hashtagmomlife has been pretty quiet lately but that’s only because life has been going 100 miles an hour it seems for both our families. With friends and family visiting, some sick/teething babies, and a shortage of Internet around these parts, it’s been a little tough to keep up. Emerson seems to have aged like crazy in the last week alone. Last week ended with some days of terrible fit throwing and a flustered, tired, and confused mama. Two new teeth and a little training later we live to tell the story. Thankfully, this week began with our happy girl saying “eeeeease” (please) and “yan you” (thank you) all day long. It’s so hard to navigate this age of baby to toddlerhood. It seems they understand nearly everything you say, yet they don’t have the words to communicate back. It’s especially difficult when you suspect they’re just not feeling well. 😦

Anyway, thank goodness out happy girl was back to herself in time to celebrate Memorial Day. The day started with a peaceful trip to Starbucks, just the three of us. Just as we sat down, Emmy lunged for for Matt’s HOT venti coffee sending it splashing all over my big belly and leg. That didn’t cause a scene at all! Oh wait- cue the whimpering pregnant lady, hysterical baby, and flustered papa. I ended up stripping down in the car with horrible burns all over. Thank goodness I iced it right away and kept lots of wet towels and aloe going all morning because I missed a spot on my hip that turned into a a pretty little welt. Poor Em was just so scared by all the commotion. Nothing a little cake ball and N’Sync in the parking lot couldn’t fix. πŸ™‚ What a way to start the day!
Things did improve as we got to share the day with my amazing friend, Lauren, who was in town this weekend. We enjoyed a beautiful cookout with old and new friends in the afternoon and Emmy loved exploring a new backyard and meeting so many fun people. (And one fun dog and his cozy bed- thanks for sharing Grayton!)

Hope everyone had a happy long weekend too!




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