Our Weeks in Snapshots


We spent last weekend cleaning and packing like crazy people. We only found a few things in our attic. What a great workout packing is! Oh- and Emmy spilled lots of bubble soap on the patio and kindly mopped it up with her hands, shirt, legs, and toes. Any excuse for a mid-day bath I guess!Β 20130524-095918.jpg

We let Emmy try her first sucker (anything to entertain her at restaurants). She loved a windy car ride home and yet another trip to Lowes.Β 20130524-095924.jpgEmmy loved being daddy’s little helper pulling weeds outside… of course in her white shorts and enormous flower.Β 20130524-095936.jpg Saying CHEEEESE with a mouthful of crackers at Cheddars for lunch…20130524-100041.jpg An impromptu trip to Gram and Pa’s for swim-time means a swim diaper, hat, and shades only for this little mama. πŸ™‚20130524-100034.jpg

Sunday night- date night at the aquarium for a wedding! Love my date!20130524-095954.jpg

Poor Em had a high fever the first part of the week and slept a ton. Matt and I attempted our first homemade pizza together during an early date night in. Big success. Delish!20130524-100001.jpg

Sometimes you just need to get out of the house- even with a sick kid and tons of rain. We made a little pop into Anthro for entertainment and this girl of course loved the mirror and checking out what was going on underneath that door.Β 20130524-100010.jpgFinally some sunshine! We visited mom’s house to soak up some rays and push her babies around by the pool.Β 20130524-100017.jpg20130524-100026.jpgTHE JUAREZ FAM

To say the last few weeks have been a whirlwind would be an understatement. Between Norah’s birthday, prime sno cone season, endless catering events and a few unfortunate circumstances, I feel like we have been on the hamster wheel… I am more than ready to step off it this week!

That being said, here are a few pictures from Mother’s Day that just had to have a spot on the blog. 20130526-220413.jpgNorah’s birthday celebration was the next big event. She was SO excited about her Jump, Swim, Party and Play Birthday!


The days after her party were filled with playing with one new toy after the other. I love that by we have finally reached the age of bikes, scooters and roller blades!

20130526-220505.jpgOn Saturday, May 18th, Norah turned THREE “for real” (as she said). It was a day all about her! We spent the early morning, before Jonah woke up, playing Candyland and eating Poptarts.20130526-221535.jpg

Then we headed to “nastics” class at the Little Gym. Miss Kerrie celebrated by giving her a balloon!20130526-220515.jpgIt was a HOT day, so we headed “don-town” to play at Guthrie Green. Norah LOVES going downtown Tulsa and looking for the tall buildings from the highway. The kids loved the splash pad!

20130526-220522.jpg20130526-220809.jpgWhen we were all tired and hungry, we packed up and headed home for lunch and naps. After resting (becuase even 3 year olds need a nap- thank God!), we headed to the mall to play. Norah LOVES the mall… maybe not for the shopping yet, but definitly for the adventure!20130526-220528.jpgHer 1st Build a Bear experience. She picked a horse and named him “Crackin’ Nut”… her name for Pistachios. πŸ™‚ Love it!20130526-220536.jpg20130526-220541.jpgIt was a full day of Norah fun!

The next bit was not so fun…

Jonah climbed up on an outdoor chair, in an attempt to reach Norah’s abandoned breakfast (typical of both kids :)), and tipped the chair backwards. He landed face first with his head slammed into the metal rimmed tray under the grill. I freaked out. My amazing mom-in-law came to my rescue! She came over and helped me clean the wound, get everyone calmed down and loaded in the car. Then she even went with me to the Doctor! Thankfully, we didn’t have to do stitches and Dr. Ross only thought we needed Dermabond to keep the wound from gaping as the swelling decreased. The whole thing- from the accident to the Dermabond application was awful for me. I was so thankful Mimi was there with me! It is SO hard to not be able to fix your kids.

20130526-220555.jpgNana and Papa, Mimi’s parents, were in town from Houston for Norah’s birthday and to visit the family. Norah LOVES Nana and took full advantage of having a play partner to pretend “pic-pic” (picnic) with!

20130526-223049.jpgOn Friday, we headed out to Bentley Park in Bixby with our friends Cooper and Kenzie… and Heather and “Stew-ark.” The kids LOVED the sunshine, splash pad, and swings!

20130526-220625.jpgThe rest of the weekend, we have lived outside. These kids LOVE the fresh air and so does this momma. YAY for summer!20130526-220632.jpg

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