Life Lately- Tornados and Temperatures.

These last few days have been filled with tornados and temperatures. My heart is so sad to hear about all these lives lost in Moore Oklahoma, especially the kids. How devastating! This bad weather plus Emmy’s little fever have kept us pretty cooped up as of late. We did enjoy an aquarium wedding on Sunday night while Emmy stayed with her cousins. I felt terrible when I picked her up in the morning with a high temp and an upset tummy. She’s been sleeping almost nonstop and refusing to eat much. Makes a mama so sad when they are just not themselves. Last night she bounced back for a little bit and loved saying CHEESE for the camera. Oh- and her little tikes car was finally rescued from months of living in the attic. She spotted it through all the boxes and junk across the garage right away and turned to me saying PEEEEAAASE!! Anything to make her smile right now! πŸ™‚ Here’s a few of our most favorite videos of Em from the last couple days…

Sunday morning Emmy “helped” daddy pull weeds. She was so sweet and wanted to be his little buddy. Now every time we walk on the sidewalk she grabs a handful of mulch and hands it to me saying “dada”.

I’m still loving our new routine of cuddles and stories in mom and dad’s bed each morning but now we’ve learned we have to hide the phones before she joins us. πŸ™‚ She loves her new app, “talking tom”, and we think it’s pretty fun to watch too. She will chat for a little bit then say, “buh-bye”, and close out the app. haha- smart girl. We also downloaded “talking angela” but all Emmy will do is growl at her. Who knows where she comes up with this stuff!?

Oh and our Saturday full of packing and trips to Lowes ended with a pretty windy drive home!

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