Quarter of a Century!

Thank you everyone for all the sweet birthday wishes and special celebrations! Yesterday was a wonderful day and the perfect way to say hello to 25. WAIT, 25??? When I first met Matt I was nearing my 21st birthday and my answer when he told me he was 25 was, ” You’re SOOOO OOOOLD!!!”. Well now here I am, an oldie. I have to say the years I’ve spent growing “old” with Matt have been the best ever and having a baby girl was the greatest surprise yet. Life as a 25 year old is good. πŸ™‚ And here’s a camera roll full of photos to prove it…

Tuesday night I went to Bonefish Grill with some girlfriends for an early celebration. Mom watched Emmy for me and of course she had to wear her rainboots outside to wave goodbye on an 80 degree day. Nothing says HAPPY BIRTHDAY like a plate full of bang bang shrimp and their divine little baja fish tacos and some new Essie nail polish. Thanks girls for making me feel so special!20130517-115314.jpgWednesday night we got babysitters for the kids once again and had an adults only celebration at the Ridge Grill. These nights always turn out to be so fun. You gotta love finishing a sentence and actually enjoying your food while it’s hot. This place is incredible. We had so much good food and laughs. These people know how to make a celebration fun!20130517-115306.jpg20130517-115258.jpgThe morning of my real birthday, Thursday, Matt snuck out for a 4 am run to Reasors while I was sleeping. I woke up to cuddling/coffee in bed and “surprise #1” of a banana pecan pancake breakfast feast. YUM! Then we went into a total sugar coma and had deep regrets, but, hey, it’s only once a year. πŸ™‚20130517-115321.jpgMatt planned a day of family fun for us that started with a trip to Gilcrease. It was a bit surreal to be back at the same spot we got engaged at just three years ago, only this time with our daughter and a big pregnant belly. Emmy LOVED exploring and running all over the place. She has a thing for birds and pointed them all out to us. We were surprised she even loved holding hands with both of us and walking. Aw.20130517-115352.jpg20130517-115343.jpg20130517-115333.jpgWe brought Em home for a nap and took one of our own. Nothing like a cozy nap on a rainy day. When given the choice of lunch spot, of course I had to drag Matt to The Ripe Tomato. He was extremely leery and concerned about portions, meat, and being the only man in sight. πŸ™‚ I was so happy that he actually loved it and agreed it’s extremely delicious and he left plenty full. woohoo! I see more lunch dates there in our future.20130517-115400.jpgAfter lunch we headed to the Aquarium with Emmy. We live so close by and have talked about going several times so why not for family fun day? Of course Emmy mostly just ran around. I think her favorite things were the yellow signs, shark cage bars, and the gift shop.20130517-115428.jpg20130517-115438.jpg20130517-115414.jpgA Jodi birthday probably wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Target so we just had to squeeze one in before Norah’s big birthday party! We had so much fun celebrating Norah turning 3 years old. How can she be 3???? She looked absolutely adorable and was the best little party host, passing out lots of big thank you hugs and cheers! Emmy mostly loved the enormous beach ball and once again her favorite stroller and babies. My parents heated the pool up to 90 so everyone had a blast swimming into the night.Β 20130517-115447.jpg20130517-115454.jpg20130517-115500.jpgΒ What a fun week of celebrating and memories. I can’t wait for all this year has in store. Thanks everyone!!

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