Mother’s Day- Year Two

A look at our Mother’s Day spent by the pool and the “sfing”…

We made it to the early service at church and enjoyed such a great message and of course a hilarious video about moms. Loved this…

20130513-120516.jpg 20130513-120528.jpgWe spent the rest of the day eating take out at my mom’s, talking outside, and of course lots of playing for the cousins. Emmy woke up from her nap shortly after the Juarez clan arrived at Gram’s. I love seeing these two greet each other, saying hi back and forth over and over. I think Emmy was telling Jonah-man all about her crazy dream (like mama, like daughter :))20130515-095750.jpgCOTM also gave away all kinds of mom pins. I was so excited when I found these perfect #momlife pins and just had to swipe two for us. Love being a mommy with my sister.20130515-121430.jpg20130515-122610.jpg 20130515-122617.jpgBecoming a mom has changed my life forever. The first weeks of Emmy’s life seem like a distant memory now. While she was a newborn I remember feeling like a total saint for all I did for her. I deserved a gold star for all the effort I was putting in, or at the very least a smile to let me know I was doing something, anything, right. But no, there was no reassurance and I felt completely lost so much of the time.

This little girl showed me a love like nothing else I’ve experienced. A love that had little to do with a special spark or romantic gestures, and a lot more to do with self-sacrifice, and an unexplainable bond. The first months of mommy-hood taught me a selflessness I didn’t know existed. I had no idea the range of emotions a new mom experiences and much worse, I had no idea they were only temporary. I spent many moments thinking, “what have i done? my life will never be the same. will i ever get a second to take a shower? will i ever leave this house again? will i ever feel comfortable sitting or be able to forget about my “supply” for a minute again?”

Yes, it’s true. Mom’s deserve a million gold stars for all they do, but then again, they’re really not necessary. I get the biggest reward from seeing her cheesy smile on a daily basis. My heart is overwhelmed by the love I feel for her when I get to greet her each morning. Everything she does is epic and funny and amazing (except for this morning when I found her washing her hands with my favorite lipstick). Probably not to the rest of the world, but as her mommy, it’s more exciting than anything to hear and see all her little sayings and mannerisms developing. She is a complete gift from God and the perfect little one for our family. I know that I’m the blessed one to be her mom and the thought of loving her any more than I already do seems impossible. Being a mom is truly the best thing yet. 🙂

Look how far we’ve come… tbt to my first mother’s day last year…Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 9.38.22 AM

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