DIY Dresser- Natural Chalk + Clay Paint

I absolutely love shopping for antique pieces that could be made into something beautiful. What I don’t love? Sanding until your arms are sore. Priming and stretching it into a whole weekend project. Or if you’re like me… turning it into another unfinished project that never winds up completed. Well, problem solved with my new friend, chalkboard paint. Thanks to my mom for introducing me to this wonder product.

We’ve decided to give baby boy Emmy’s grey dresser and just change out the knobs. I’ve had this wood dresser since I was a kid and have been pondering a paint job for years now. But the work just seemed daunting. I’m thinking we’re going to paint Emmy’s new walls grey just for a change so I still want to bring that beautiful mint color into the room somehow. So…Mom took me shopping at her favorite store, The Pink Lily, in Jenks for chalkboard paint. Please excuse the messy room and horrible photo but this is the best “before” shot I have.Β 20130510-180534.jpgI loved this project because it was something relaxing for me to work on. Most of these nursery projects wind up Matt’s responsibility because I’m pregnant and can’t be breathing in fumes or lifting heavy things or don’t know how to work a drill or saw just yet. The best part about this paint is that it’s non-toxic, has no fumes, and requires zero sanding or priming. HALLELUJAH! Here’s the super easy steps I followed…

  1. Wipe away any dust or dirt on your furniture.
  2. Shake up the can well and pop open. Stir with your paint brush. Start painting!
  3. Let your first coat dry for 2-4 hours.Apply a second coat.
  4. Apply a second coat.
  5. Let your second coat dry for 2-4 hours.
  6. Use a wax brush to paint on wax in order to seal it.
  7. Make it shiny by buffing your piece while the wax is still wet with a lint free cloth.


20130513-103525.jpgAfter photos…

20130513-103650.jpgI will never buy Anthro knobs again! We bought coral knobs for Emmy’s nursery and they were ridiculously expensive and super cheap quality. Not cool. I was absolutely shocked at the selection Hobby Lobby offered. And I spent about the same on all the knobs that I did on one from Anthro. Perfect!Β 20130513-103737.jpgI have a half can of paint left and this project was so easy that now I’m thinking of something else I can paint for her room. I would definitely check out this paint for any home decor or furniture you’re considering repainting. The brand we bought is called CeCeCaldwell’s Paints and they have tons of great colors to choose from! Happy painting!20130513-114800.jpg

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