Our Week in Snapshots


On Monday, we had a DELICIOUS dinner with Josh’s family. Mimi is an absolutly wonderful cook and we love our special time with the family. After dinner, we headed outside to play.20130511-225342.jpgTuesday, Norah went to spend the day with Grandpa and Grandma. Grandpa did LOTS of puzzles with her- they are great friends!


Mid-week we headed to Utica Square for something different. It was a beautiful day and I was feeling brave :). The kids did great for about 30min… then they wanted to run, balance, climb, etc. Thankfully, it was just a great day to be out and about!

20130511-225418.jpgWhen we got home, it started to rain and we went out to enjoy the sprinkles. Jonah just stood with his face to the sky and mouth wide open- oh, the wonder!


Norah found her 1st REAL caterpillar this week! She was so enthralled to see “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” come to life. She kept saying, “Wait right there, Mr Caterpillar… oh, don’t go in the street! That’s for cars!”


On Friday, Gram and Pa took the kids again so that I could work at Josh’s Sno Shack for a few hours. Gram sent me this pictures of their fun! They spent lots of time swinging and let Jonah thoroughly enjoy some peanut butter (which he LOVES!)

20130511-230058.jpgThey keep her running, but Gram sure does love her grand-babies!



Emmy raced to see papa after nursery on Sunday!20130511-102801.jpg

We got to spend some time with the birthday boy, Matt’s little brother, Jojo too! Emmy loves him and doesn’t stop staring or smiling the whole time. I’m sure it’s nice to finally have a friend to ride in back with. πŸ™‚


We did lots of home shopping and errands this week for moving. Emmy loved the ladies at River City and we even found a beautiful treasure. I sure will miss living so close to this spot.


We’ve been kind of bad about letting Emmy out of the shopping cart to run around places. This girl loves her freedom! We now play tag nearly everywhere we go. It’s just way too crazy to think that not long ago she was only taking a couple wobbly steps here and there.

20130511-103756.jpgEmerson couldn’t get enough of Sew Flakes, a fabulous fabric store in Broken Arrow. What’s not to love? Aisles and aisles to run between and old ladies who swoon over your cuteness? Not to mention, bright colors and fun new gadgets at arms reach! Later that night we took a trip to Yolotti and Emmy explored while we played games. πŸ™‚


Happy girl and her cool snakeskin sandals playing with Norah at Gram’s house!


We are giving Emmy’s changing table to baby boy so I decided to redo the dresser I’ve had since I was a kid for Miss Em. Mom introduced me to some new paint and helped me put the finishing touches together. DIY post with before and afters coming Monday…


We spent Friday night playing at Guthrie Green with the kids and these girls cracked each other up. They loved chasing each other all over and talking away in Em’s own language.


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