These Girls.

Life has been filled to the brim lately with prep-work for our big move. It seems my mind has been going a million miles an hour in decorating/planning/nesting mode. I think I dreamt about citron all night last night and woke up exhausted this morning. I know- rough life. But this morning we headed to straight to Gram’s house to play with Norah for the morning.

There’s something so special and strange about watching your little baby play with others. It’s absolutely amazing to see her interact with other kids and babble on and on in her own language or say hi a million times in a row. I really can’t believe I’m watching my daughter play with my sister’s daughter. They don’t even need us adults to show them fun games anymore. They just chatter and giggle back and forth all on their own. Emmy would follow Norah to the ends of the earth and loves her big cousin like no one else. I’m feeling so blessed to watch these girls become best buds right before my eyes.20130508-150107.jpg

20130508-150112.jpgThis is Emmy laughing simply because Norah’s doing it too! 🙂20130508-150637.jpgIt also gives us such great laughs to hear Norah’s cute little comments to Emerson. Some of my faves are: “Hi sweetheart! You’re so beautiful!” or “She said, agudadugaduga!!!!”. This morning while shopping for paint Norah held Emmy’s hand and ran all over the antique stores yelling, “Emer, slow down! Be careful! Don’t touch that!”. Nor is definitely the boss-woman! 🙂20130508-150643.jpg

So this is what was on my mind today as I repainted a dresser for Emmy and went knob shopping with my girl. I see some DIY posts in the near future…

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