Our Week in Snapshots


On Sunday we spent the day at Gram and Pa’s playing with the cousins. They all love bubble baths in Gram’s big sink.Β 20130503-201458.jpg

This little mommy spent the entire day pushing baby Susie in her stroller. Good practice for being big sis soon!


Daddy went away for a couple days this week so we had lots of fun girl time once again. We loved the HOT HOT weather to start the week and of course spent as much time as possible outside. She has an obsession with checking her toes for hair. Gotta keep those feet clean! πŸ™‚


My sunshine!


After a long and extremely toasty walk to the neighborhood park we were disappointed to find the splash pad not working. 😦 When all else fails, bust out the hose! After a lot of hard work by mommy we finally got it going and she was pretty happy about it!


Our house is right on the corner at the front of our neighborhood so Emmy loves being the greeter! We sat in her lawn chair, blew bubbles, and waved hi and bye to every passing car until Auntie Mine’ arrived! Em loved hanging with the girls and nearly fell asleep in Mine’s arms. So sweet!


Sadly, Emerson woke up not feeling so good on Wednesday. It’s always the worst when your baby doesn’t act like themselves. She had no appetite and slept most ofthe day. All she wanted to do was cuddle and be on my lap. Poor pumpkin!


By later that night, she perked up and felt well enough to be Daddy’s welcome wagon! Welcome home papa! We missed you!!


Of course we had to whip out our rain gear to explore, no matter the temp. She keeps me going nonstop!


I had my super fun glucose doctors apt on Thursday and brought the fam along for the fun. Daddy is the best at making these things fun with a little hide-and-seek and wild roller chair rides.

20130503-222755.jpgOn Friday we had our appraisal at the new house so Em and I tagged along just to see it once again. She LOVES her new backyard and mommy does too. I can only imagine the pretty Emmy pics that will be taken back here. Oh- and we are definitely purchasing netting and gates before move in day. Someone’s already trying to squeeze through. πŸ™‚

20130503-222741.jpgOn Saturday we got to go to a special baby shower for a lovely teacher friend. I brought Emmy with me, so naturally I spent the whole time chasing her around, up and down the stairs, into the bathroom, and wherever the doggie would go! Love my fun girl!



Last Sunday, we took a long walk with Gram and Pa to search for ducks and a little adventure. We ended up with lots of adventure (and sun), an odd looking duck, and Β just a couple geese.Β 20130505-212415.jpg

Emerson joined the fun after her morning nap. The cousins get so excited to see each other!20130505-212420.jpg

On Monday, the kids (and Xavi) got a stomach bug/ foodΒ poisoningΒ  I spent the day catching vomit and cuddling my kiddos. By evening, I was relieved to see them smiling and playing… even if it only lasted 5 minutes. Then we headed back to Mommy’s bed for more cuddle time.20130505-215907.jpg

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we took it easy again at home. Norah did have enough energy to dance away in her “Seattle dress.”20130505-212410.jpg

When the cold made it’s rude arrival, we headed to the mall to run off some energy and return a couple things. Norah was so proud of her “birt-day cake on a stick.”20130505-212431.jpg

Jonah also wanted to impress me with another dangerous trick this week. Climbing ladders? Seriously, little man? Sometimes, I think I need to wrap him in bubble wrap!


On Saturday night, we decided to test our luck and go out to eat with all three (very mobile) kiddos. We decided on our Bixby Rib Crib, since it is generally pretty quite in there. It wasn’t the most relaxing meal, but it was one we will always remember. πŸ™‚ Jodi’s face depicts how we all felt by the time we left!


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