Our Week in Snapshots


Last weekend, we got to spend some wonderful playtime with one of my college roommates and her little boy, Lucas. This family is so special to me! Mandi and I used to spend so many nights giggling ourselves to sleep. We survived crazy dorm-mates and made so many ridiculous memories. It is amazing to see how life has taken us to here! Norah loved “pounding it” with Lucas.20130427-230352.jpgSunday we celebrated SpringFest at The Bridge. Norah was elated to have all the fun, friends, and excitement. She even got to race Mimi in the obstacle course. When she asked the balloon character guy to make her a “Unicornio” (thank you Dora the Explorer), he was confused to say the least. πŸ™‚

20130427-230201.jpgThis week the weather has been up and down like crazy. We spent nice days playing outside, reading lot of books (Jonah’s new favorite entertainment) and trying to stay busy with errands. These first few weeks of sno cone season are the hardest for all of us. Daddy goes from being home often, to barely at all. Norah asked the other day, “Why does Daddy have to work so much? So he can buy me some more band-aids?” 20130427-230443.jpg
20130427-230331.jpgWe stopped in to see “Pa” on Tuesday. Jonah was excited to play a “jumping game.” Grandpa always has a game up his sleeve!
20130427-230207.jpgOur trip to the zoo was the highlight of our week. I was SO proud of my sweet girl for riding the camel all by herself. She was pretty proud too!
20130427-230249.jpgAfter the zoo, we crashed for a late nap in Mommy’s bed. Love soaking up the cuddle time!20130427-230321.jpg On Thursday, Norah woke up EXTRA early. I never heard her come wake Daddy up, but when I woke up later these two were cuddling on the couch. Daddy was in dreamland and Norah was watching NickJr. Norah made sure to remind that I had to be quiet, Daddy was “still sweeping!”
20130427-230314.jpg Jonah’s new trick for the week is climbing our (cheap IKEA) kitchen chairs. SCARY :/! He is now able to easily access our kitchen table and pantry (to his delight). He has no sense of caution and has taken baby-proofing to a whole new level for me!
20130427-230216.jpg On Friday, Miss Emerson spent the night! These kiddos absolutely love each other. Norah and Emmy played “tag” around the kitchen and Jonah made sure to tell her “hi” at least 100 times. It is getting nearly impossible to take a picture of the three together!
20130427-230155.jpgEmmy is seriously the easiest going, sweetest niece I could ever ask for! She slept in a pack n play next to Norah’s bed and went to sleep without a peep. When she saw Norah in the morning, she had the biggest smile plastered on her face. These girls are going to be BFFs for a long time!
20130427-230225.jpgTHE SMITH FAM

We spent Saturday soaking up time with daddy and doing some shopping for the new house. Emmy loved her first taste of Josh’s Sno Shack! Nothing like a little “Josh’s Mix” to make it feel like the weekend.

20130428-072946.jpgThe park queen.. enjoying a Saturday night with Aunt Chels and Uncle H.J….20130428-113927.jpgOur week started with lots of girl time as I posted about earlier. I have the cutest little Target buddy. πŸ™‚20130428-113946.jpgThese two… Jonah loved showing Emmy right where her eye was.And these boots were the most popular toy for these cousins.Β How do moms of twins do it?? She literally was only crying because he was. They were just staring at each other bawling. I think they were competing for most dramatic! Emmy has really been perfecting her quivering little bottom lip. It’s heartbreaking.20130428-105924.jpgA Thursday night trip to Walmart ended with a new lawn chair and bubble machine for Emerson. Apparently bubbles are hilarious and make her REALLY happy. She’s so much fun!Β 20130428-100604.jpgOn Friday we had to make a trip to the party store and of course wound up trying every wig on Emmy because, well, it was hilarious. Then we ate as much as we could at Five Guys and took a family nap. After about 40 minutes of her jumping up and down, falling over on us, and banging on the wall, she snuggled in and crashed. Such sweet moments.Β 20130428-072938.jpgOn Friday night Em got to have a sleepover with her cousins while we went to a charity event for Street School. I’m so glad it was 70’s themed because Matt looked awesome. As usual. πŸ™‚ It was so fun to have a date night, great food, and some of the best people-watching ever.Β 20130428-112143.jpgOn Saturday afternoon I got to take a “mommy break” and celebrate sweet Sedef’s bridal shower with friends. Of course it was beyond beautiful and over the top fancy. These ladies are the party planners of the century. Thanks for the fun day!

20130428-072921.jpgLater, we bundled up and headed to the Guthrie Green for a little live music and “truck food”. I highly recommend the bohemian sliders. Divine! Em loved getting down to the music and kindly handing out wet grass to strangers.Β 20130428-110143.jpgAnd this is her racing towards the street as fast as she can. Like always! πŸ™‚20130428-112211.jpg

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