Zoo Adventure

Yesterday we spent the day exploring the Tulsa Zoo with the kids. We went last October with them and it turned into one our very first blog posts (see HERE). This time the weather was MUCH better and we the kids loved it. I knew this adventure would be just that with Emmy’s new “explorer attitude” and distain for remaining in her stroller. It was good practice for her being in and out of the stroller and not running off on her own. It’s a work in progress. πŸ™‚20130425-122414.jpgSad to say, lots of animals were missing, including some our faves: zebras, seals, and the rainforest monkeys. The biggest hits for the kids were the fishtanks and the petting zoo. They also loved saying hi to the random peacocks wandering the premises. It’s beautiful seeing them so close up, and I wish I could’ve snagged a couple feathers for an epic headband.

20130425-114203.jpgNorah started the day with a camel ride while we all looked on in wonder. How could she be old enough to ride by herself? When did this happen??

20130425-103033.jpg20130425-122426.jpgWe practiced lots of animal noises, banged on lots of glass, and ate a ridiculous amount of snacks because that’s what you do at the zoo…20130425-101253.jpg20130425-103025.jpg20130425-103939.jpg20130425-103946.jpg20130425-104000.jpg20130425-104019.jpgOh the fish tank! Emmy was in love. She got to stand on her own little step and walk along saying “hi!” and “WOW!” at all the fish. Jonah was just making sure she didn’t fall. πŸ™‚20130425-101243.jpg20130425-101301.jpg

The petting zoo was a little more fun now that the babies are old enough to check it out. Although, it’ll make you want a sanitizer bath for your child immediately afterward. ick.20130425-103018.jpg20130425-122434.jpgForget the animals! There’s a park?? I’m sure the kids would have opted for playing here all day instead. It just never gets old. 20130425-103009.jpg20130425-094853.jpg20130425-122443.jpgAnd then there were the giraffes… It seemed like the perfect place for family photo opts but the kids were more interested in running free! Ramps and benches to weave in and out of? What more could you want!?20130425-094947.jpg20130425-094957.jpg 20130425-094941.jpg 20130425-095045.jpg



Last stop: Rainforest. It wasn’t as lively as usual but these statues sure provided some entertainment. 20130425-104044.jpg20130425-104110.jpg20130425-104100.jpg20130425-122449.jpgOf course Emmy turned herself completely around because just sitting normal in the stroller would be way to boring. 20130425-104140.jpg20130425-104147.jpgMy #momlife tips for the zoo are to pack LOTS of snacks and water (keeps them entertained in the stroller), dress in layers, bring hand sanitizer, go before it gets blazing hot this summer, and take heaps of pictures. You won’t regret it! πŸ™‚

20130425-094920.jpgOh and expect this after such a full day of exploring…20130425-104120.jpgThese kids have grown up so much since our last visit in October. I can’t believe how quickly these days are flying by. It’s always fun just to do something different and have an adventure, especially with these cousins in tow!

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