Just Us Girls!

Matt went out of town for a conference on Sunday and left us girls (and a some pretty flowers) behind for a few nights. I absolutely hate being at home alone at night and am so thankful he rarely travels for work. We even wound up spending the night at my parents on Sunday night, thanks to a stranger ringing our doorbell and staying parked outside our house for an uncomfortably long time. We missed daddy so much and can hardly wait to welcome him home tonight!Β 20130423-081556.jpgWhile he was gone I took full advantage of my alone time with Miss E. It’s hard to believe that in about 14 weeks I’ll have a new little guy to share my attention and love with. I’m feeling a little emotional about it and am seriously soaking up quality time with my girl. Here’s a look at our special Mama/Emmy time while daddy was away…One of the highlights of our Sunday afternoon was getting absolutely soaked just for fun. Of course, Emmy just wanted to be outside and we’re running out of entertainment with no play-set yet. So, we brought the bath toys outside with a big bowl of water and I let her go to town. She LOVED it!


She ended up getting so soaked that mommy decided it was the perfect excuse to ditch the clothes and try out her new bathing suit. She loved it (note the top left fist pumping!) This girl could be entertained with water all day. 20130423-095539.jpgAll cleaned up and saying cheeeeese! πŸ™‚20130423-081756.jpgLater that night we met some friends for sno cones at Josh’s Sno Shack. What a trip! Trying to sit and enjoy some treats and conversation with this girl smack dab between a bustling 71st street and a parking lot full of teenage drivers was anything but relaxing. We have got to practice staying close, holding hands, or chilling in the stroller before baby boy arrives. I feel like I don’t have enough hands as it is. 20130423-081952.jpg20130423-082004.jpg20130423-095823.jpgMorning cuddles with my love are my favorite. We’ve officially started a new morning routine of snuggling in the big bed and reading stories together… such special moments. 20130423-081633.jpgWe spent the next day playing at Aunt Angie’s house with the cousins and hanging with girlfriends at the house later that night. Look at these pretty friends in their lawn chairs…20130423-095635.jpg20130423-194726.jpgToday we did what any mom who needs to bust out of the house for some kid-friendly entertainment would do… we went to Target. πŸ™‚ She’s never met a mirror she didn’t like. Love my little fashionista! 20130423-163031.jpg20130423-163024.jpgWe’ve had a pretty good time “just the girls” but.. come home already papa! We miss you!

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