Color Run Tulsa

On Saturday, one of my many “Mommy Wishes” came true. I got to run in a race with my kids! Though it was not much of a race, it was so fun for all of us! Norah kept saying, “Are we winning Mommy? Are we winning!!?”

I signed up for the race after hearing about several of the ladies from my boot camp group doing it. What I didn’t realize, was that it would be the morning after we opened the sno shacks for the season… meaning Josh would be way to busy to come :(. Either way, I was excited to put Big Bob to work and I knew Norah would be overjoyed to be a part of the run! She loves to pretend to be in a race, proudly awarding herself my Route 66 1/2 Marathon Medal.

When we picked up our t-shirts and packets on Thursday, Norah was SO excited!20130422-234220.jpg

Saturday morning I crept timidly into Norah’s room, not knowing if I was going to be greeted by tears and confusion. When I stroked her hair, she opened her eyes and said, “Oh, good night Mommy.” πŸ™‚ When I whispered that we had to wake up and get ready to race, her eyes POPPED open and she practically jumped out of her bed. She’s never gotten ready to leave the house so fast in her life! As soon as she had her running clothes on, she ran to wake Jonah up. He screamed for joy when Norah came in shrieking. He LOVES his sister! Fotor042222375

When we got near Veterans Park, we loaded up Big Bob and followed the crowd to the start line. After some searching, we found my boot camp group and made our way to the crowd of people waiting to take off. This was the hardest part! We had to wait about 30 min in the corrals- hard to keep two little ones in a stroller for that long. We made it though!


When our corral was released, I strapped on our rain cover and we took off. I immediately lost track of my group, but that was to be expected. The Color Run was packed to say the least… and trying to run with a stroller, behind walkers, proves to be very tedious.

After we passed the first color area, I realized the color was not nearly as overwhelming as I had thought it would be. The rain cover was definitely putting a damper on the fun of getting colored for the kiddos! And… Norah was BEGGING to run by herself. “Can I get out now? Please Mommy, can I run?” So, we put the cover away and Norah got out to do what she loves- run!

She was SO excited and looked too cute, running like crazy in her pink Dora sunglasses. She ran and ran and ran- almost a mile in the combined distance that I made her crawl in and out of the stroller. She kept yelling, “Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me please!” She loved all the colors, but pink was her favorite! She was so confused to see our friend, Isaac, on the course- I don’t think she recognized him with all the color. πŸ™‚


The cutest part was watching Norah play with our personal color packet after the race. She threw it in the air, on her clothes, and on Mommy. She would have played with the colored corn starch for hours!Fotor0422225026

Then, she decided she AND Jonah needed some color on their tummies too!Fotor0422225225

It was SUCH a fun day! I hope that next year Daddy can join us. I would recommend this to everyone as a family event. So, so fun! Bring your sunglasses, but leave the rain covers at home- the Color Run is fun for all ages!Fotor042222541

PS- The color sprayed right out of my Bob Revolution stroller. My hair was not so lucky- I’ll be pink streaked for the rest of the week!

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