Photo Frenzy

First of all: Our hearts go out to the victims of the Boston explosions. What a horrific tragedy! We pray for these families and look to Jesus as our hope.

There’s a common feeling among the guys of our family, “enough pictures already!” Through the years they’ve actually turned into pretty good sports about posing and documenting. Matt has finally learned that one picture just isn’t good enough. You need to continuously snap away, hoping you capture at least one great shot. It is an iphone after all, pictures can be deleted quite easily. This “obsession”, dare I say, is at an all-time high with these kids getting older and doing amazingly cute things everyday. Every time I think about our photo-frenzy family, I think of Jim Gaffigan’s bit on our society’s obsession with picture-taking…

On Sunday, Jonah and Emmy found the perfect little step in front of the bathtub. They were being oh SO sweet with each other (leaning in to give kisses, touch foreheads, and patting each other on the back). We quickly grabbed our phones to snap away. When we left, Matt asked me how many photos I took during those few minutes on the step… an embarrassing 32 photos. In my defense, these kids move so fast and most of the pictures wind up blurry and deleted anyway. I am so glad I did have my phone going because just look at these two… I mean!20130416-085151.jpgEvery time Emmy spends the night with my mom, they cuddle in the big bed and Emmy falls asleep nestled on her shoulder. I’ve always been jealous because she never falls asleep with Matt or I. I brought her to my mom’s for a nap during our open house this weekend and decided to give it a try since I knew she was exhausted. She fell asleep with me pretty quickly and it was WONDERFUL. Pretty much the sweetest thing. But, before long I found myself wishing I had brought my iphone upstairs with me. How would I know what time she fell asleep? I needed to know how long she had napped in order to plan our schedule for the night. Oh, and I should probably document this epic moment with a picture of this precious girl sleeping away. How could I remember this moment properly without a photo? I finally realized I should let go of all that and just enjoy the moment. Cuddling with a sleeping baby in such a cozy room was a little too much for this worn out pregnant mama and I ended up knocking out with her. No, she didn’t sleep as long as she normally does. Yes, she was whiny and sleepy the whole way home from a birthday party that night. But, it was worth it and wonderful to let go of the technology/schedule and just enjoy some special time with my girl that day. Don’t worry…we did it again the next day, and I took a pic. 🙂20130416-093751.jpgI don’t see us giving up taking photos anytime soon. It’s kind of our trademark. Plus, what would a blog without pictures be? However, I do think it’s important to be in the moment. It’s so easy to take for granted time with our kids or the special moments of life. It’s easy to get caught up in a routine and not even notice or take in these special moments. I already feel overwhelmed by how quickly Emerson’s life has flown by. Our little nap-time reminded me to keep this in -check and take the time to soak up these times regardless if there is a photo to prove it or not. 🙂

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