Our Week in Snapshots


On Monday night, Josh and I had a date night. SOO wonderful! After you have kids, you never take it for granted to eat a hot dinner and actually have a conversation during a meal. It was much needed and very refreshing. We walked in the door and Norah says, “Can you leave?” She loves Hannah SO very much and we couldn’t be more thankful for a wonderful babysitter!


On Tuesday, we got to visit Cooper’s little sister, Kenzie Rae. She has the best new born hair and is just the most beautiful little thing! Norah loved holding her, giving her gentle kisses, and feeling her hair. She’s a sweet little mama for sure!


Wednesday was Norah first dentist appointment. She has been SO excited about the dentist ever since seeing Peppa Pig and George go to the dentist on NickJr. She was super obediant and was actually sad that they didn’t let her sit in the big dentist chair this time. They only counted her teeth and checked for cavities :).Β  As we sat in the waiting room, she kept saying, “Oh Mom, I fink my dentist is ready for me now! Can we go?”

20130413-080743.jpg 20130413-081227.jpg

We also celebrated Siblings Day with lots of sweet cuddles!


On Thursday, we made another trip out to the farm to see “Farmer Rex” and all the cows. I let Norah ride in the front seat down the long dirt driveway. She buckled herself in and looked at me and said, “So Mom, let’s talk about it. What is your favorite part of the trip today?”Β  I actually teared up looking over at her and imagining her sitting up there being 14- I want her to be my little girl forever!


On Friday, we had a playdate with Cooper. We intended to go to BounceU, but found out the Preschool Open Bounce was cancelled for another event. So sad, especially when you have toddlers who were practicing their jumping all morning! We improvised and headed up to the mall.

After lots of playing, we relaxed and enjoyed some delicious Chocolate milk! These two are so silly, they LOVE to laugh!


Even Jonah-man got a milk box, his was just Vanilla though!


We came home for lunch and coloring. After walking the mall without a stroller, I don’t know who was more exhausted when it was all over, them or me!? πŸ™‚


Friday night, Hannah came back over to play so Mommy could go see the mobile Josh’s Sno Shack in action. When she walked in the door, Norah screamed in excitement and Jonah burst into tears. Polar opposites! Jonah loves Hannah too, he just hates when Mommy leaves him :). 20130413-230703.jpg


When I got home, Norah and I had our first “sleepover” in Mommy’s bed. It was the first night of the season that Daddy wouldn’t be home til late and I had promised Norah that we would talk and fall asleep in my bed. When Daddy got home, he carried her to her own room. Precious memories!



Emmy has been all girl lately! She loves pretending with my makeup brushes, trying on my heels, and hoarding my nail polish. This week, I found some teeth marks in my concealer. I wonder who that could be from?20130412-190357.jpgWe had our first doodle session together one rainy morning. My friend, Bethany, got these awesome markers and drawing paper for Emmy’s birthday. They are called Crayola Color Wonder and the markers only appear on this type of paper. Perfect for toddlers.Β 20130412-190426.jpgOn Wednesday we spent the day with the cousins. Norah was so excited to give Emmy her little crock rain boots. Twins! πŸ™‚20130413-212824.jpgJust had to snap some photos of my little fashionista!20130412-225135.jpgMy friend, Kirsten, has the most infectious laugh and Emmy can’t get enough. She loves Miss Kirsten and thought she was soooo funny!Β 20130413-212931.jpgOn Thursday I babysat the kids for the afternoon. Emmy loved cuddling and kissing little Jonah-man after his nap. Buds for life.20130412-225205.jpgThe sweetest…20130413-212903.jpgLove these two!20130413-212917.jpgWe were so sad BounceU wasn’t open for preschool play date on Friday morning. We headed to the mall to settle for a ride on the carousel and some fun in the play area. My mom wanted to take Emmy for the day so I got the whole day to myself. It felt so weird to run in and out of stores with just my purse and all the time in the world. Funny thing is, I missed my road buddy and kept wondering what she was up to. πŸ™‚ I love being her mommy.Β 20130413-212834.jpgWe had an open house today so we spent the whole morning in a cleaning frenzy. Our house was pristine. Good thing no one came. wa-wa. Emmy and I went on a little date to the Mac store and Chik fil A while daddy waited for visitors. Later, we had to hit the park to enjoy the sunshine. Em had her first encounter with sand and couldn’t get enough. She is our little explorer, and independent woman for sure!Β 20130413-213908.jpg

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