Happy Birthday MOM!

Today is truly a special day. We’re celebrating the birth of the woman who made it all happen (well, angie and I that is). OUR MOM! Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 9.43.48 AMIn honor of her special day we thought we would do quite an epic post with a letter from both of us. And, because we’re in strong support of pictures on EVERY occasion we thought a few were necessary…Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 3.47.13 PMDear Mom,

Your love is steadfast, faithful, and true. You support me in everything I do. You are and have always been proud of me- I am, and always have been so proud of you! You are always there to cheer me on…and there to tell me to “take a walk” and then get back on the horse. Maybe a few B vitamins would help too?

You laugh with me (and at me). You encourage me,  guide me, and listen to me.

You are expressive, funny, and adventurous.

You are brave.

You have taught me to savor every moment, to catch it on film, and to treasure those happy moments in my heart forever.

You love God with an undying passion. You worship freely and boldly. You pray with confidence and thankfulness. You are always looking for ways to be an extension of our God in this world! You spend time with God and have taught me the importance of doing the same.

You love Dad. You honor and respect him. You challenge him to be a better man… and to keep up with your brainstorms. You are a wonderful wife, what an example you set!

You vibrantly love my sweet kids. You dance your heart out with them, cuddle them to sleep, and always have a new adventure for them! Cheering “Hi Norah, Hi Jonah… It’s Graaaammmmaaa!”, when we come in the door, always puts a smile on their face!

You call to say you miss the kids after just a day or two, you send funny videos of yourself  for them to watch when they are sick, and you always have a new “surprise” for Norah. You even transformed your closet into a magical playroom. You are super Gram!

You researched everything for me when I was sick during pregnancy. You fought for me to feel good! You held my hand and cried with me when they told me I had to have an immediate, emergency c-section for Norah. You promised that my little girl would be okay. I held onto those words with all my heart, because you’re my mom… and moms are always right!

You decorate my house, try to teach me how to shop at River City, and love to show me the best new decorating tricks. You are always on top of the latest home trends!

You are an amazing friend.

You are a strong woman.

You are my mom.

I love you! Happy Birthday!

Love, Angsisters w momFor my mom…

I’m thankful for you, mom, for so many reasons!

You have always been the life of the party in our family. Since we were kids you have kept us laughing and light-hearted. You inspire to me to be creative and show my kids the joy in life. Although you’ve had plenty of reasons to be “down” you always let the joy of the Lord be your strength. As a kid, I remember hearing you worship the Lord all the time. You have always been an amazing example of someone who is sold out for God. You raised us to honor Him in everything we do. You taught us to love others and “be a blessing” always.

When I found out I was pregnant with Emmy I knew I could count on a reaction to remember from you. Everything after would be a let down compared to the shrieking, crying, and jumping up and down we got from you. You live life to the fullest. You’re not afraid to get excited about things. Most importantly you’re more than willing to get excited for other people! You’re favorite phrase is, “Yahooooo!”. You never lack for a long dramatic story and always expect over-the-top reactions. Having someone like you around keeps life exciting. It makes you the perfect person to share special news with but you’re also a wonderful comforter through the rough stuff.

I’m thankful you’ve always been there for me. You truly care about everything we go through in life and are always there to talk. You send texts of encouragement. You pray for us. You bring us gobs of vitamins and herbs when we’re sick. You buy us the most random things from Marshall’s on a regular basis just because. When I planned my wedding, you went with me to every appointment, kept a detailed schedule, and were there every step of the way. When I was home from hospital and could barely move, you were on your hands and knees scrubbing my shower. When Emmy had that terrible baby acne you were on top of it, finding a cure. When we put our house on the market you came over with bells on your toes to scrub our toilet and deep-clean our oven.

You are simply amazing and I’m so proud to call you my mom. I couldn’t imagine life without you!

Love, Jode

Besides being super-mom you are also super-gram! Thanks for being a wonderful grandma to our babies. They will love you forever!mom w grandkids VERTHappy Birthday to the woman who taught us all we know about #momlife!

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